Apple to Launch New Flipboard-Like App, While Newsstand Goes Away
June 8, 2015

Apple plans to announce a free, Flipboard-like product that will show consumers samplings of content from big media partners including ESPN, the New York Times, Conde Nast and Hearst, sources say.

At the same time, Apple is going to do away with Newsstand, the app that stored and distributed newspapers and magazines, which some partners complained tended to bury its content. Individual publishers will sell apps within the app store like any other developer. This follows on the steps of familiar efforts from Facebook and Snapchat, as well as Flipboard, to publish content directly on their own apps. 

The Apple Watch Will Expose How Little Publishers Know About Their Readers
May 29, 2015

I've spent the past few weeks with a town crier attached to my wrist.

Or at least that's the best metaphor I can come up with for what wearing anApple Watch does for (to?) a news-interested consumer. It's tweaked the modern American condition - constantly fiddling with your smartphone - with a system of thumps and buzzes that grab your attention whenever an app believes it deserves it. It is simultaneously a marvel (a powerful little computer, attached to my arm!) and a bore, a transference of focus from a nice 4.7-inch screen to a tiny 42-millimeter one.

4 Takeaways from the New Apple App Analytics
May 26, 2015

One of the lesser-known facts about magazine apps is that publishers can glean very little information about them and how they are used, unless we have built in the coding for separate analytics. There is much less app data than what we've become accustomed to on websites, where you can tell which pages people are looking at, how much time they are spending, and a host of other information.

The Huffington Post Updates Its Digital Magazine Newsstand App
May 20, 2015

The Huffington Post today issued an update to its digital magazine app, introducing what it calls a "fresh new design" to the weekly digital publication.

The app uses the Joomag digital publishing platform - a platform, to be honest, I almost never see used by digital magazine publishers. One reason may be that the Sunnyvale company maintains a website without any direct contacts, instead one is forced to fill out on of those contact forms. It is probably because of this that Joomag was not included

With Instant Articles, Facebook Shows Us What Paper Was For
May 14, 2015

FACEBOOK PAPER WAS a strange thing. After its release early last year, the extravagant news-reading smartphone app that unbundled the News Feed from the rest of Facebook quickly faded from view. But now it's paying dividends-at least for Facebook.

On Wednesday, the company rolled out what it calls Instant Articles: stories from big-name news outlets that appear within Facebook's iPhone app in their entirety rather than simply as a link to elsewhere on the web. In order words, you needn't leave Facebook's app in order to read the latest from The New York Times, The Atlantic, or The Guardian.

8 Tips from Vox Media Engagement Editors for Using Visuals on Social Media
May 8, 2015

In late September, the team at was faced with an interesting challenge: How to make simple facts about Ebola spread faster than alarmist misinformation?

They had an article explaining how the virus spread but weren't sure of the best way to promote it on social media. So they mulled the problem over in one of the startup's kitchens over some string cheese.

Finally, they settled on a simple flowchart with one question and one answer. "Have you touched the vomit, blood, sweat, saliva, urine, or feces of someone who might have Ebola? No. You do not have Ebola."

Discoverability Still an Issue for Publishers on Apple Watch App Store
April 27, 2015

The Guardian and other newspapers who worked hard to make sure their apps all were updated to add Apple Watch support can't be happy with the new App Store opened for the smartwatch. Discoverability, always a problem in the iPad and iPhone stores, especially in the Newsstand, is even worse in the new Apple Watch App Store.


5 Challenges the Apple Watch Poses for Publishers
April 24, 2015

The Apple Watch's official release day is Friday, and strategy leads from digital media companies the world over are bracing themselves for the awkward question: "What's our wearables strategy?" Here are the five things to know when the guy in the corner office wants to pick your mind on how to respond to the coming smartwatch revolution.

There won't be scale for some time.
After receiving nearly 1 million U.S. preorders, Apple is expected to sell 20 million units this year and maybe 40 million next year - but even if they hit the numbers


Condé Nast’s First Apple Watch App Tells You When It’s Time to Eat
April 20, 2015

The last time Apple introduced a brand new piece of hardware, Condé Nast thought it might help reshape the magazine business.

Five years after the iPad, the magazine publisher (which owns Bon Appetit and Epicurious along with Vogue and Vanity Fair) has more modest goals for the new Apple Watch: It thinks it might help people cook a steak.

Here's the first app Condé Nast has created for Apple's new device, which starts shipping this week - a "smart timer" that syncs with recipes provided by Condé's Epicurious site


Coming Soon to Apple Watch: Bloomberg Business
April 9, 2015

For those of you planning to be one of the first of the projected 14 million people to get the Apple Watch, look out for the Bloomberg Business app, our new mobile-first flagship digital destination that delivers a modern news experience. We've created a version specifically designed for the watch's wearable, glance-enabled environment. Here's how it works: