Advertisers Want Reassurances From Rolling Stone
April 8, 2015

Media-buying executives who steer brands' ad budgets say they're frustrated that Rolling Stone's ad team has not reached out in the wake of a blistering Columbia University School of Journalism report detailing the magazine's "journalistic failure" in its now-retracted story about rape on college campuses.

"They should have emailed a copy of the Columbia Journalism report with a mea culpa assuring advertisers what steps they are taking to ensure this doesn't happen again," a media-buying executive told Ad Age.

Press Release: Magzter Adds 500 New Titles to Magzter GOLD,
April 7, 2015

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2015) -  Magzter, the largest and fastest-growing digital magazine store and newsstand in the world, with more than 25 million users globally, today announced the addition of over 500 new titles to Magzter GOLD, the 'all-you-can-read' digital magazine subscription service that gives users unlimited access to the largest library of digital magazines across mobile, tablet and web for $9.99 a month.

iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch
April 2, 2015

APPLE DECIDED TO make a watch and only then set out to discover what it might be good for (besides, you know, displaying the time). "There was a sense that technology was going to move onto the body," says Alan Dye, who runs Apple's human interface group. "We felt like the natural place, the place that had historical relevance and significance, was the wrist."

The purpose of the wrist-mounted technology, what problems it might solve-that was something the Watch team would come up with slowly,

Buyer's Guide 2015: Digital Magazine & App Technology
April 1, 2015

Publishers have been publishing web content and digital magazines of some sort for over a decade now. What's new, and often challenging for publishers to integrate into their production cycles, is creating web- and mobile- optimized content for a growing variety of platforms.

Apple Watch Gets Another Media App: The Economist
March 30, 2015

The Economist -- a dense, erudite weekly magazine based in London -- is opening up shop on Apple Watch, where subscribers to the magazine's digital edition will be able to listen to Economist articles.

In a statement this morning, the magazine said: "Subscribers to The Economist app will be able to control playback of the audio edition using the newly launched Apple Watch. These functions include the ability to play, pause, skip ahead to the next track, rewind for 15 seconds, modify playback speed, and change to a different weekly edition."

‘You Need Editors, Not Brand Managers': Marketing Legend Seth Godin on the Future of Branded Content
March 30, 2015

Seth Godin is the godfather of modern marketing-or, at least, the type of modern marketing we all want to be doing.

In 1999, Godin published Permission Marketing, and, in every way, it was a revelation. At a time when Bill Clinton was still in office, TLC's "No Scrubs" was a #1 hit, and was about to IPO, Godin released a practical guide to how brands could leverage the incredible connectivity of the web to engage consumers by seeking permission to do so.

Facebook and Publishers Take Cautious Approach to Content Tie-Up
March 25, 2015

The march towards media companies publishing content directly to Facebook continues.

Barely a month after Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Coxsaid publicly that the social network wants to host media companies' articles and videos, The New York Times reported that BuzzFeed, National Geographic and the Times are the initial partners in a project that will see Facebook hosting some of their content. The project is expected to rollout in the coming months.

BuzzFeed and the Times are already among numerous media companies that publish videos directly to Facebook.

The Music Industry Wants to Fight the Internet Again—And It’s Probably Going to Lose
March 24, 2015

Should music ever be free? That was the inescapable topic of discussion among the hordes of recording-industry middlemen and hangers-on gathered for the music section of the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference last week.

It's a schism that has emerged just when it looked like subscription streaming services, such as Spotify, were bringing an end to the music industry's years of economic pain. The dispute concerns the "freemium" model, which allows consumers to listen to music for free in exchange for listening to ads, or pay to listen without ads.