Digital Editions’ Growth Spurt
June 1, 2008

This spring, Barnes & Noble announced that it would offer both print publications and digital editions of more than 1,000 magazine titles to visitors of The e-editions will be fulfilled by Barnes & Noble partner Zinio. Indeed, it’s just one more indication that, despite some debate on their future, digital editions are becoming a viable alternative to print for a growing number of readers. Cambridge, Mass.-based The Gilbane Group recently published a study, “Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions: Growth, Trends, and Best Practices,” showing that the number of business-to-business publications offering digital editions increased by more than 300 percent in a two-year span

The Best Online Ad Ever
April 22, 2008

I’ve never been a fan of anything getting recognized as "The Best This" or "The Best That." A former boss and now one of my mentors once told me, "Awards are like hemorrhoids, eventually, everyone gets them."

Up until a few weeks ago I thought this couldn’t be truer than with awards for Web sites and interactive advertising. The self-proclaimed experts should just step aside. Instead, sites would get recognized for quality traffic and sound business models, and creative ad units that result in a positive return on investment would always take top honors.

The Digital Edition: Heading Toward Its ‘iPod Moment’?
October 1, 2007

When approaching the subject of digital editions—those e-publications that preserve print layouts in a user-friendly format, often enhanced with embedded multimedia features—an obvious question comes to mind: What can this platform offer a publisher that a good Web site cannot? “That’s the question we get all the time,” says Cimarron Buser, vice president of marketing and product planning at Southborough, Mass.-based Texterity Inc., who recently pioneered a digital publishing solution for the Apple iPhone. “We know that the way people read Web sites is different from the way they read magazines,” says Buser. “Web sites are more episodic; there’s a lot of

Texterity Receives Patent for Digital Magazine Publishing Technology
September 28, 2007

Texterity Inc., a provider of more than 400 digital magazines, announced this week that it has received a U.S. patent for its technology that transforms print magazines into digital format for access by Internet users via virtually any Web browser. This technology also recently enabled Texterity’s launch of the first digital magazine interface designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. The Southborough, Mass.-based company received the patent for its Published Web Format (PWF) “system and method for converting a page description file to a composite representation thereof for fast Web viewing,” according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). “Texterity’s patented technology enables

Texterity Debuts Digital Magazine Tool for Apple’s iPhone
July 27, 2007

Texterity Inc., a Southborough, Mass.-based digital publishing solutions provider, has launched a beta version of the first digital magazine interface and portal designed for the Apple iPhone. With the new tool, iPhone users are able to view and browse select publishers’ entire magazines, as originally published, on their phone. The beta version, which launched this week, currently contains more than 20 consumer and business-to-business magazines. “The iPhone is a leap forward in the integration of the Web and mobile devices. We are excited to provide the benefits of a complete magazine in a portable format that can be viewed virtually anywhere,” says Cimarron

Apple Talking to Studios About Download Service
June 1, 2007

Apple is engaging in “advanced talks” with two major Hollywood movie studios about a new online film rental service to launch this fall, the Financial Times reported last week. Walt Disney Studios and Paramount Pictures, two of Hollywood’s largest studios, would make content available from their large film libraries for online rental purposes, at a cost of $2.99 for a month-long rental. The content could then be moved to such mobile Apple products as video iPods or the new iPhone, but would be encrypted with anti-pirating software. This service would compete with cable and satellite video-on-demand services. Meanwhile, Reuters reported Tuesday that

The Digital Handyman: Retooling the Publishing Workflow
August 1, 2006

More than a decade into the “CTP revolution,” many of the promises of digital workflow have yet to be fulfilled. The publishing industry is far from achieving the hands-off, utopian workflow many envisioned when film went away and content went digital. While some in the industry once resisted the notion of a digital workflow, most now agree that the evolution from film to files has been a positive for the publishing world—as profound a development as desktop publishing. With digital content, publishers can now cut out much of the prepress expense for their print workflow, and perhaps even more importantly, their content is now

Adobe Introduces InDesign Server CS2 for System Integrators
October 1, 2005

New Server Version of InDesign Enables Automation of High-End Editorial Workflows, Collateral Creation, Data-Driven Publishing and Template-based Web Publishing SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe InDesign Server CS2,  which enables system integrators and third party developers to build automated, design-driven publishing solutions. Built on the same code base as Adobe InDesign CS2, the award-winning professional design and layout program, Adobe InDesign Server CS2 brings high-end composition and graphics support to a server platform, allowing Adobe partners to introduce new levels of automation and design quality to editorial workflows, collateral creation, data-driven publishing and template-based Web publishing solutions. "Publishers are under constant

Markzware Releases FlightCheck Studio for InDesign
July 1, 2005

FlightCheck Studio Resolves Design Problems With Quick And Easy Detection And Correction SANTA ANA, Calif. -- July 27, 2005 Markzware, the leading developer of quality control for digital files used in the global graphic arts and printing industries is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Markzware FlightCheck Studio for Adobe InDesign CS and CS2. FlightCheck Studio v1.3 is a new concept in quality control: Real-time examination and repair of documents as you create them. FlightCheck Studio provides content creators with an "in-flight" preflighting tool; capable of detecting virtually any problem within a digital document, based on user-defined specifications.