Ten Words That Summarize What Happened to Publishing in 2014
January 5, 2015

OK, fellow publishing fans, you can't be ready to face this new year without understanding what happened in 2014. Here are the 10 words (yes, "magazine media" and "native advertising" are single words) that summarize the year that just was, along with links that provide further information:

Magzter Launches New Tool to Make Digital Magazines Interactive
December 29, 2014

You can probably already get your favorite magazine in digital format, but until now it probably didn't use your tablet or smartphone's hardware. But digital magazine startup Magzter hopes to change that today with the launch of its new MagEnhance tool set.

Magzter makes it really easy for publishers to translate their print magazines into digital versions. It has over 1,500 major publishers using its service to produce more than 4,000 magazines available via Apple's Newsstand, the Kindle Store, and the Magzter digital magazine store. Previously, publishers found Magzter to be an attractive partner

All TNM wants for Christmas is…
December 23, 2014

Publishers could use a few gifts from Santa this year, so here is the list I made up. I recommend coming up with one of your own and getting the letter in the mail fast!

The list of what TNM would like for Christmas this year is still quite long, and since I doubt Apple or any other company will fill my requests, I have decided to write Santa in hopes that he can come through.

A Year in Review: Major Changes in Digital Publishing Foretold in Late 2013 News Items
December 22, 2014

The end of the year is usually the time when websites like to have people make predictions about the upcoming year. The great thing about the stories, from the point of view of an editor, is that they are often interesting, but readers rarely go back to check to see if any of the predictions came true.

TNM doesn't like to do predictions so there are none to go back and check on. But it is interesting to see what stores were hitting late last year that either foretold the future, or else fell flat.

A Year of Transformation for The New York Times
December 18, 2014

At The New York Times, 2014 was arguably one of the most transformative years since the Abe Rosenthal era of the late '70s to mid '80s.

It was a period of turmoil and change, and it ended with a resounding farewell to dozens of departing employees, plus the promise of more change ahead.

Earlier this week, the names of journalists laid off in the most recent round of cost-cutting began circulating after the Newspaper Guild, which represents about 1,100 Timesemployees, announced it had been informed by management that 21 unionized newsroom positions would be eliminated

Evan Williams: On Billionaire-Backed Journalism, Shanley Kane, and the Problem with Vanity Ad Metrics
December 16, 2014

Many people use the newish blogging site Mediumeach day, but almost as many of them are confused about what, exactly, it's supposed to be. It is a publishing tool-a very pretty one at that, with lots of clever bells and whistles. It's also a publisher that pays professional editors and writers to commit various acts of journalism. (The company has launched or acquired six different sub-publications: MatterCuepointBackchannel,Re:formVantage, and The Nib.)

Medium was co-founded by Evan Williams, better known as a co-founder of Twitter, in 2012. (His Medium co-founder, Biz Stone, was also a Twitter co-founder.)

CNET’s Plunge into Print
December 15, 2014

Tech website CNET recently became the latest publisher to embrace a surprising trend: Editors decided to launch a print product, even as print magazines and newspapers across the country have struggled.

Experts said they expect this phenomenon, known as reverse publishing, will continue as successful digital publishers seek to grow their audience and advertiser base.

"Nobody is talking about the death of print anymore," said Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. Instead, entities are focusing on creating a relationship with audiences, "regardless of the platform," he said.

Major Ad Buyer Tells Magazines It Won't Buy Tablet Circ Like It's Print Any More
December 9, 2014

MediaVest, an influential media-buying agency with clients includingCoca-Cola, has told at least eight publishers that it will no longer count iPad and other tablet circulation toward their magazines' circulation guarantees, people familiar with the situation said.

The move could undercut the amount of money publishers get for ad pages, which remain their most important revenue source, even in decline.

Publishers were skeptical about the motivation, with several executives calling it a media-agency tactic to fetch lower rates for their clients. 

Can First Look Media Make Headlines That Aren't About Itself?
December 4, 2014

When a crusading but conflict-averse billionaire bankrolls several of journalism's most prominent mavericks to create a hard-nosed investigative news organization, it's a recipe for turmoil. eBay founder Pierre Omidyar's differences with First Look Media staff have been all over the press. Two top hires are out the door. Sarah Ellison asks whether First Look Media can make headlines that aren't about itself.

Adobe Will Drop Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition for Creative Cloud Members
November 25, 2014

Those publishers who have enjoyed using Adobe's Single Edition app solution, and are not Pro or Enterprise users, will soon lose a major feature as the company announced that it would drop the benefit for Creative Cloud members on May 1, 2015. Single Edition allows publishers to create a single issue magazine, eBook or other type of app, free of charge and launch it into the Apple App Store - all that has been required is that the publisher have a Creative Cloud membership.