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A License to Sell
May 1, 2008

In an era of integrated publishing and vertical marketing, notions of content and brand have become more fluid, able to morph into new forms that reflect the ways consumers now access and think about information. This trend is even apparent in the world of reprints and content licensing, where traditional concerns about rights and brand integrity run up against new opportunities for revenue generation. In a Web-enabled world, publishers must be open to the reality of widespread content distribution and willing, in some cases, to loosen their grip on material in exchange for the revenue potential made possible by a global demand for

Content on the Go
November 1, 2007

In today’s publishing world, content must be easily and instantaneously manipulated—no matter whether it’s headed to the Web, a magazine or a directory, burned to a CD or DVD, or broadcast in the form of a podcast. “Content repurposing … should certainly be top-of-mind for magazine publishers,” suggests John Kreisa, director of product marketing, Mark Logic Corp., San Carlos, Calif. “Putting the right infrastructure in place is key to tapping into that market. …” But evaluating whether to “build or buy” is often a publisher’s first hurdle. “I think the decision … should be based upon business objectives and expectations for growth,” says Peter

E-Content Solutions
July 1, 2001

E-Content Solutions is broken down into several categories featuring company descriptions and Web sites, including Digital Asset Management, PDF Worflow Tools, Web & Cross-Media Publishing, Web-Based Project Managment and Catalog Production Solutions. DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Applied Graphics Technologies (AGT): AGT provides advanced digital image management services, including the Digital Link System, an integrated suite of software applications to capture, store and retrieve content. Artesia Technologies: Artesia's TEAMS digital asset management solution drives e-business and cross-media output. It is an open, scalable solution designed to fulfill the requirements of information-intensive businesses. Ascential Software: Ascential Media360