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F+W Media Announces Acquisition of Interweave Parent Aspire Media
July 31, 2012

F+W Media, Inc. Chairman & CEO David Nussbaum announced today the acquisition of Aspire Media LLC, parent company of Interweave, from private equity firms Frontenac Company, Catalyst Investors, Clay Hall, and several members of the Interweave management team. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Walter Florence, Frontenac Company Managing Director has joined the F+W Media Board of Directors, concurrent with the acquisition.

5 Tips to Boost E-media
 Revenues in 2010
December 1, 2009

Every media company has different business challenges and business models, but certain strategies can help almost any publisher grow the e-media side of the business. Are they flashy, new strategies? No. Most are boring fundamentals. But in media, as in football, those who best execute the fundamentals are the ones who win.

Publishing in a Fragmented Online World
November 1, 2009

Ah, for the days of print gone by—when there was only one distribution mechanism to transmit information to readers—everything seemed so simple. But along came the Internet, and suddenly readers demanded our content via print, our Web sites and e-mail newsletters. Our once-simple content-distribution model suddenly became complicated, and disrupted the business models to which we were accustomed. My friends, we had better get used to it because the fragmentation has only just begun.

The Secret to Successful Online Advertising
September 1, 2009

NOTE: This month's column isn't written to you, dear publisher. It's written to your advertisers. Please pass it along with my regards. It will help them be more successful with their online ads and get better return on investment (ROI) with limited budgets. In the end, it will help you, too: A happy advertiser is a repeat advertiser.

Time to Trash the Rate Card
June 1, 2009

Why are we still selling advertising the old way with print-frequency discounts? As modern publishers, we’re selling print, Web, e-mail, events, data and more, and our advertisers are shifting their dollars from print-only to a mix of media. But one look at most of our media kits and it’s obvious we’re stuck in a print-only mentality that only rewards advertisers when they increase their frequency in print.

No Silver Bullet for Online Success
May 1, 2009

Magazine publishers are still looking for that magic formula to really boost online revenue. What new strategy or technology will help us make up for what we’ve been losing in print?

eMedia Strategist: An Open and Closed Case Against Open Rates
May 1, 2008

Several publishers have recently told me about advertisers of theirs who do not believe they should pay for sponsorship of an e-mail newsletter based on the circulation of that newsletter. Instead, they feel they should only pay for people who actually open the newsletter and see their creative. They only want to pay for their ad based on the newsletter’s “opens.” While some publishers charge on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis, most publishers charge a flat rate for e-mail sponsorship, with a guarantee that they will deliver the message to a minimum number of readers. For example, a publisher may charge $2,000 and guarantee a

Preparing for the Industry’s Future
April 1, 2008

The 2008 Publishing Business Conference & Expo—held March 10-12 in New York City—was the setting for a meeting of many of publishing’s top minds. With more than 1,000 magazine and book publishing industry executives in attendance, the Publishing Business Conference & Expo featured two-and-a-half days of intensive conference sessions addressing the biggest issues facing publishers today. Held concurrently, the expo hosted more than 100 exhibitors showcasing publishing technologies and services. The show, produced by Publishing Executive and Book Business magazines, this year featured its new Publishing Business brand; it formerly was two co-located events, the Publishing Executive Conference & Expo and the Book Business

From the Editor
April 1, 2008

In her book “Basic Black,” Cathie Black (president of Hearst Magazines) relates a number of stories about Al Neuharth, the founder of USA Today, where Black was formerly president. She cites him as saying something like, “The press is the only species besides rats that likes to eat its young.” The quote struck me square between the eyes. I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Neuharth, and even tack on another phrase to his comment, that the media also eats its old and its middle-aged. For the past few years, it seems that much of the industry—not all, but much—has watched smugly whenever a