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Can Co-Distribution Save You Money?
August 1, 2005

One of the biggest changes in the publication printing industry today has been in mailing. Mailing used to consist of applying customer-furnished labels to the publications, and printers would drop them into the closest Bulk Mailing Center (BMC). As the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) created more complex sortation rules and subsequent pricing structures, printers have begun offering services to take advantage of potential discounts for their customers. You've most likely heard printers offering savings through co-palletizing or co-mailing, or even co-mingling. These "co-distribution" strategies attempt to combine different publications/mail together to reduce postage costs and increase discounts. Co-Palletization In co-palletizing, the mailer places

Honor thy CSR
April 1, 2005

Publication-printing companies have slowly changed from a commodity vendor (supplying printing) to a service vendor (fulfilling the publisher's objectives). Successful printers realize that selling services gets and keeps customers. Customers become dependent on a vendor who helps them to be more efficient and profitable. And it is the customer service representative (CSR) who is the link to that relationship. It's the CSR's job to work directly with the publishers and gather all the needed instructions to produce their magazines. The CSR also enters that data into company management systems, tracks its progression and, in some cases, helps prepare invoices. CSRs put out 'fires' and

Ad-Agency Print Buying Strategies
August 1, 2004

Achieving a successful ad campaign begins with a great strategy and a great design, but the entire project isn't worth the paper it's printed on if the print vendor chosen for the job is unable to meet these three criteria—reliable service, flexibility and, most important, quality. The print portion of the cost of any marketing campaign ranges from 25 percent to as much as 30 percent of the job. But it is often the most important element, culminating in the finished print product that the targeted audience sees. And the print quality is often the determining factor in a campaign's success or failure.

The Top 30 Book Manufacturers
June 1, 2004

It's not likely a big surprise that Quebecor World held fast to its No. 1 spot among the Top Book Manufacturers—ranked by book-manufacturing revenue—in the United States and Canada. With a $36 million lead over R.R. Donnelley, and a $273 million lead over third-ranked Von Hoffmann Corp., Quebecor World isn't likely to lose its position anytime soon. Both top seeds, however, saw book revenue drop in 2003. In fact, revenue for three of the top five sank by a total of nearly $130 million. Arvato Print USA (a division of Bertelsmann) and Von Hoffmann were the only two in the top five

The Hard Line on Softproofing
October 1, 2002

Without it, she may not have made it through the most critical product launch this year. Lorraine Alper Kramer, director of print services at Saatchi & Saatchi L.A., confesses that online proofing isn't what it used to be. "Regardless of the location of our creative teams, we are able to quickly and easily collaborate and exchange comments on the content and composition of our projects effectively and on schedule," she explains. In the past, the agency tried posting files to FTP sites and exchanging PDFs, but found that RealTimeProof ( technology allows the ad agency to

Production Executives To Be Inducted Into PI/RIT Hall of Fame
September 1, 2002

(Philadelphia, PA - March 2002)—Four exceptional production executives will be inducted into the Printing Impressions/Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Hall of Fame at the 15th Annual Gold Ink Awards Reception and Banquet, to be held October 7, 2002, in the McCormick Place Grand Ballroom during GRAPH EXPO, Chicago, IL. For seating availability, contact Michael Cooper at 888-627-2630 or DONALD BELCHER is chairman of Banta Corporation.  Prior to joining the Menasha, WI, printer in 1995, Belcher spent 24 years with Avery Dennison. When the opportunity to take the helm at Banta presented itself, it fulfilled Belcher's dream of leading a publicly held

CMP Media Gets RIPed with Rampage Systems
June 1, 2002

Last year was a tough one for magazine publishers, as ad pages declined 17.2 percent from the prior year. And when top line revenues drop, production managers are expected to shore-up the bottom line. With what now seems like uncanny foresight, CMP Media ( was already moving into high gear on a plan to reduce costs by bringing final page output in house. According to Prepress Director Elizabeth Wimmer, they had been thinking about RIPing pages in-house for several years. CMP Media, a subsidiary of UK-based United Business Media, publishes 39 periodicals out of three production centers, operates numerous Web sites and

Profile of Soft Proofing
March 5, 2002

PrintMedia Inbox briefly sat down with Al Bowers, Banta's general manager, to discuss the pros and cons of soft/online proofing. The technology, which the printer uses throughout its workflow, is touted as being able to reduce prepress and production time and cost. Bowers explains. InBox: What is the basic service that Banta Digital offers a publisher? Bowers: We supply prepress into Banta print operations and to other printers. This covers graphic arts, commercial printing and book publishing. Most of our relationships are with print buyers and publication printers. InBox: Do you use soft proofing technology? Bowers: Internally, we do soft proofing for a variety

Spectrum 2001 Day Two
November 1, 2001

TUSCAN, AZ—Monday marked the inaugural Web cast of the SPECTRUM conference. With assistance from NEC and Quebecor World, the conference was cast to seven sites. How appropriate then that the day's first session, "Digital Asset Management: Getting off the Launchpad!" featured 15 speakers, 10 via video. Jean Moxom, print media markets manager for Imation, and Joyce Vogt, technical sales consultant for Banta, interviewed 10 industry professionals in sales, catalogs, consulting, advertising, etc., about the varying needs for digital asset management. The interviews were conducted in the month leading up to the show and the resulting video clips were interspersed throughout the session. On stage,

Varying Standards
July 13, 2001

The American National Standards Institute, an accredited Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS), defined an open, variable data exchange standard, making it easier for designers to create and proof variable data jobs, and for commercial printers to produce them. CGATS.20 Graphic technology, a variable printing data exchange using PPML and PDF (PPML/VDX), defines a standardized implementation of the PPML specification using PDF-based workflows for exchanging variable printing data. "As PrintShop Mail has played a significant role in variable data printing since 1992, we embrace the PPML/VDX standard as the next step to naturally serve the Print Production Industry. PPML/VDX will allow the industry