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Digital Ad Portal Proves Effective for St. Joseph Media
October 30, 2009

Looking to improve the efficiency of its production cycles, magazine publisher St. Joseph Media targeted advertising processing—specifically, simplifying the process of how print ads were received into its system

We Can't Wait for JDF
April 1, 2004

Before I rant, a qualification. Besides being a computer systems integration company providing digital prepress solutions, Blanched Systems is a shareholder in Dalim Software, a member of CIP4, the organization behind the JDF. In fact, Dalim Software CTO Jacques Thiebauld sits on the CIP4 advisory board. We at Blanchard Systems understand JDF. We believe in JDF. And we can't wait until the entire industry is connected. But that's the point. We can't wait. The promise of JDF is significant. It will allow disparate tools, such as design software, preflighting, and order entry, to work together. From when a photographer snaps a

Workflow on Parade
May 1, 2003

Ken Kingston, production manager for Parade magazine, remembers one defining moment in his move to an all digital workflow. That's when he had what he calls "a gut check." It hit him when officials from his new workflow software provider, Dalim Software, told him they had never integrated their software with an IBM AS/400. The problem: The AS/400 is Parade's computer platform of choice. Kingston swallowed hard. "The Dalim [Software] people calmly said they would work it out," Kingston says. "It took me a second [to recover], but I was okay with that. There were lots of issues we were going to have to

E-Content Solutions
July 1, 2001

E-Content Solutions is broken down into several categories featuring company descriptions and Web sites, including Digital Asset Management, PDF Worflow Tools, Web & Cross-Media Publishing, Web-Based Project Managment and Catalog Production Solutions. DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Applied Graphics Technologies (AGT): AGT provides advanced digital image management services, including the Digital Link System, an integrated suite of software applications to capture, store and retrieve content. Artesia Technologies: Artesia's TEAMS digital asset management solution drives e-business and cross-media output. It is an open, scalable solution designed to fulfill the requirements of information-intensive businesses. Ascential Software: Ascential Media360