Canto Software Inc.

Canto to Release Upgrades to Digital Asset Managment Tools
May 1, 2005

May 9, 2005 -- San Francisco, Berlin. Canto, the global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced that Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 will be released in July 2005 in tandem with Cumulus 6.5.1. These are designed for users who not only publish their assets but also intend to use them for marketing purposes and for business generation. The major upgrades of Canto┬┤s Internet Options support central features of Cumulus 6.5. Internet Client Pro 3.0 is a component of the Cumulus Business Server Solution and Cumulus Enterprise. Web Publisher Pro 3.0 is a component of the Cumulus

Are You Organizing or Enterprising?
August 1, 2004

A manufacturer in the United States employs an ad agency in New Zealand, which creates and manages all their product shots and related marketing material, and makes them available to the global sales channel via the Internet. A catalog publishing company simultaneously produces multiple catalogs targeted to different regions and market segments. Of course, all this is done under tight deadlines, with an ever-increasing struggle to reduce time to market. Valuable solutions like these are complex by nature, and the reality is that most companies struggle to install and run their digital asset management solutions. Just as opportunities abound, as many or even more reasons exist

Canto and Helios Get Cozier
August 1, 2003

Canto and Helios are snuggling up again. An update to Canto Software's Cumulus Companion more smoothly integrates the firm's Cumulus digital asset management suite with print server utilities and services provided by Helios Software. Publishers use Helios' solutions for functions such as heavy-duty print spooling, OPI image conversion, color management, and PDF workflow solutions. The updated Cumulus Companion automatically synchronizes content between the two vendors' products. Now, when publishers store new files or make changes to existing files in the Helios file system, the Cumulus Companion detects and synchronizes those changes with Cumulus' DAM catalogs. Cumulus's cataloging process automatically creates document thumbnails and descriptions (among other tasks),

Where's My Stuff?
March 8, 2002

"There's the looming prevalence of reasonably inexpensive DVD media and somewhat inexpensive writers," notes Vince Naselli, director of TrendWatch Graphic Arts, a research company that specializes in the assessment of trends in the graphic communications market. By providing timely and strategic information, Naselli's group harnesses some of the most hard-hitting market analysis in the business. This time, digital asset management goes under the gun. In TrendWatch's latest report, "Storage Media: Where's My Stuff?," Naselli indicates an increasing acceptance of DVDs as a storage medium--especially for archiving purposes among graphic arts professionals. A simple search on Yahoo! indicates that dozens of companies are providing

E-Content Solutions
July 1, 2001

E-Content Solutions is broken down into several categories featuring company descriptions and Web sites, including Digital Asset Management, PDF Worflow Tools, Web & Cross-Media Publishing, Web-Based Project Managment and Catalog Production Solutions. DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Applied Graphics Technologies (AGT): AGT provides advanced digital image management services, including the Digital Link System, an integrated suite of software applications to capture, store and retrieve content. Artesia Technologies: Artesia's TEAMS digital asset management solution drives e-business and cross-media output. It is an open, scalable solution designed to fulfill the requirements of information-intensive businesses. Ascential Software: Ascential Media360

A Model Magazine
February 1, 2000

Everything you've always wanted to know about Cosmopolitan but were afraid to ask. 38 global editions. 100 countries. 24 languages. And that's just one magazine within Hearst Magazines' empire. According to the president of Hearst's international division, George Green, Cosmopolitan is the best-selling women's magazine, and Hearst was the first American company to publish outside U.S. borders. Those who have perused "Cosmo" understand that it's built a reputation on frank discussion of women's health and beauty issues, under the wings of such notable matriarchs as Helen Gurley Brown and, at present, Kate White, editor and chief. Since its founding, Cosmopolitan has gone