Cascades Fine Papers

Cascades Receives Silver Award for Environmental Efforts
March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008—Cascades has been recognized for a third time by the Environmental Printing Awards (EPA), receiving a silver for the Most Environmentally Progressive Vendor in Canada. Cascades Fine Papers Group was given the award for its holistic strategy to lessen its harmful impact on the environment, specifically for the high recycled content of its products and productions processes. According to Normand Lecours, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, “The position of Cascades as a leader in environmental products and processes is due to more than just words. It is the day to day activities that led us to our actual recognition and to this

The ‘Green’ TEAM
February 1, 2008

According to one of the better-known accounts in the compendium of humankind’s greatest achievements, it was in the year 105 that a Chinese man named Ts’ai Lun invented paper, mashing up wood from a mulberry tree with fiber from bamboo. Thus was born a technology that would literally change the world, making possible artistic, scientific and religious revolutions, democratizing literacy and learning, and ushering humanity into the modern age. In recent times, paper production has played a role in changing the world in other ways. The book industry alone required 3 million to 4 million tons of paper over just the last three years,

Cascades Fine Papers Group Rewarded with Two Environmental Printing Awards
March 1, 2007

Cascades was doubly rewarded at the Second Environmental Printing Awards (EPA) Gala, held in Toronto on February 21, by receiving gold for the Most Environmentally Progressive Vendor in Canada and bronze for the Most Progressive Environmental Process on its Biogas Energy Project.The awards were presented by PrintAction magazine.“This gold award provides for Cascades the proof…

Cascades to Close Thunder Bay Division Plant
November 1, 2005

Cascades announces a rationalization plan for its fine papers sector   KINGSEY FALLS, QC--November 22-- Cascades announced today that it will cease the operations of its Cascades Fine Papers Group Inc., Thunder Bay Division (Ontario) plant which specializes in the manufacturing of coated papers. Approximately 375 employees will be affected by this closing which will occur on Jan. 21, 2006 at the latest. The current economic situation within the pulp and paper industry, along with the recent sales price decrease in the fine papers sector and the unfavorable short and long term perspectives compel Cascades to close the plant. Moreover, the reduced demand and increased price

Cascades' 'Green' Paper Chosen for French "Harry Potter" Book
September 1, 2005

Saint-Jérôme, Québec, September 27, 2005 — Cascades Fine Papers Group has been chosen to supply the paper on which the latest French-language installment of the "Harry Potter" adventure series, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," is printed. The book goes on sale on October 1. The continuing adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione, as they array themselves against the Dark Lord, will unfold on Rolland Enviro100. By using this paper, publisher Gallimard has ensured that not a single tree was cut down to produce the book. A paper that contains 100-percent post-consumer fiber, is certified Eco-Logo and Processed Chlorine-Free. Add up all the green

New Trends Emerge as Publishers Aim to Curb Costs
September 1, 2005

The paper market may seem dull to a publishing-industry outsider, but its constant changes keep the publishing industry on its toes. Right now, in particular, there are some major trends going on in the book paper market, according to a number of experts. Usage patterns are changing, costs are fluctuating and paper itself is undergoing some significant transformations. Garry Zampini, vice president of sales and marketing for Cascades Fine Papers Group, summarizes the changes he sees in the marketplace: • A greater use of high-bright mechanical pulp grades; • A greater interest in recycled grades and products certified by the Forest

Cascades Awarded First FSC Recycled Certification in Canada
August 1, 2005

Saint-Jérôme, Québec — Cascades Fine Papers Group's "green mill" in Saint-Jérôme has received the Forest Stewardship Council certification FSC Recycled. This certification authenticates that the product has a 100-percent post-consumer content, taking the whole process into account, from the raw material to the consumers. "Cascades Fine Papers Group is the first and only Canadian fine paper manufacturer to be awarded the FSC Recycled Certification," noted Denis Jean, president and chief executive officer at Cascades. "It is the result of outstanding teamwork between the management team of the mill in Saint-Jérôme and the team at the de-inking mill in Breakeyville, whose pulp is also certified