CVS Corporation

Bare Shelves in the Magazine Aisle
June 26, 2014

While most grocery and book stores this week were sporting July issues, this CVS store on the East Coast was stuck with May and June copies of monthlies and and a few early-May issues of weekly magazines. Thank God for bookazines, which stay on sale at least a couple of months, or else the entire magazine section would have looked even more barren.

CVS had the misfortune (or poor judgment) less than a year ago to go all in on magazine distribution with Source Interlink, which collapsed last month and Monday went Chapter 22

Adobe Combines Digital Publishing Suite, Experience Manager
February 27, 2014

The technical side of publishing digital magazines and their associated Web sites and apps is getting a little easier courtesy of Adobe, which is combining Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to allow publishers to more easily manage design, format and other creative assets across different channels, including desktop, smartphones and tablets.
Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe's Web content management platform, offers Web designers a central repository of creative assets including text, video and audio, along with tools for customer acquisition via the Web,

Car Magazines Owner in Major Rebuild
February 25, 2014

The owner of a stable of car magazines, including Motor Trend, Automobile and Hot Rod, shaking up its executive ranks and splitting itself in two, The Post has learned — fueling rumors that one or both of the units could end up on the selling block.

Rolling Stone Magazine Sales Double After Controversial 'Boston Bomber' Cover
August 1, 2013

Rolling Stone magazine saw sales of its controversial 'Boston Bomber' edition double despite calls from retailers and readers to boycott the publication. Figures released by the Magazine Information Network show sales jumped by 102 per cent over average per issue sales in the past year. More than 13,000 copies of the issue were sold in news-stands, more than double the sales average for the previous year.

Magazine Editor Confesses: "Management Tells us to Hire Unpaid Interns"
July 3, 2013

The deputy editor of a top lifestyle magazine (you’ve definitely heard of it), has told Graduate Fog that he has been “told by management to take on interns who will work for free” in order to cut the costs of producing editorial content.

The shocking admission came during an exclusive interview designed to gain advice and insight for graduates trying to break into the competitive world of journalism. But as well as providing lots of useful tips for young journalists, he admitted that he had been pressured by senior managers to hire

Wal-Mart Turns to Condé Nast for Beauty Magazine
December 21, 2012

Buried within Wal-Mart’s Web site, beneath the red sales banners and loud holiday graphics, is a magazine called BeautyScoop. Thousands of stores also carry it, and it was mailed to millions of the store’s customers. Most big retailers fill their stores with custom-published shoppers that double as cheaply made catalogues, highlighting product in stock and coupon dispensers.

BeautyScoop is something else. It has a model on the cover, for one. Its own logo — the name in a large type underneath a smaller Wal-Mart tag. Though wafer-thin — it runs just 12 pages —

Economy Be Damned, McMurry Turns in Stellar Year
January 12, 2010

[Press Release] JANUARY 5, 2010 -- Phoenix—Business growth during this recession is rare, but in McMurry’s 25th year in business, growth coming in all varieties has remained a constant factor.

McMurry Announces Acquisition of Video-Creation Firm
December 8, 2009

Phoenix-based custom publisher McMurry Inc. has announced that it acquired Spark, a New York City-based firm specializing in video creation for environments, corporate communications and broadcast, on Oct. 30.

Custom Publishing; Are You Sitting on a Gold Mine?
February 1, 2005

Publishers looking to increase revenues often launch new publications, adding page counts and sales dollars (as well as a few gray hairs). However, starting a magazine is a risky endeavor with failure rates equal to starting a restaurant. Instead of going through the high-risk wringer of conventional publishing, magazines are increasingly turning to custom publishing as a surefire method of increasing profitability, especially during times of still-slim page counts and ad dollars. Unlike the speculative reward potential of traditional publishing, custom publishing provides guaranteed revenue because the publisher establishes production costs and prices in advance that guarantee a profit. Custom publishing's rock-solid business