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Why Did Disney Invest $400M in Vice?
December 21, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Disney (NYSE:DIS) recently doubled its investment in "new media" giant Vice Media. Disney made its first $200 million investment in November, then doubled down with another $200 million in early December. That investment gives Vice a valuation of $4 billion, and Disney becomes one of its top investors with a 10% stake. Why its the…

Publishing Design Disasters
February 13, 2013

An offline designer once summed up the state of Web design by comparing it to architecture in Chinese cities. Buildings in China go up so quickly and the pace is so relentless that there are bound to be some real eyesores.

Such is the case on publishing sites. For a variety of reasons — the need to generate as many ad impressions as possible, lack of resources and too many cooks in the kitchen — publishers just can’t seem to get out of their own way when it comes to their sites. Digiday spoke with Kevin Kearney, CEO of design

ESPN builds a Twitter-style firehose for sports news
September 19, 2012

ESPN is giving sports fans a way to hook up to its firehose of content with a new Twitter-style stream called SportsCenter Feed. The sports cable and online network is amassing almost every bit of content it pushes out over ESPN.com into a single feed, more than 1,000 updates a day.

The feed, which is in beta and will be accessible through ESPN.com, will include personalization and filtering tools so users can narrow the focus of the updates they see.

Inside ESPN’s Cross-Platform Strategy
April 30, 2012

When ESPN launched in 1979, there was no way to know that it would become the worldwide leader in sports. Three decades later, the Bristol, Conn.-based company dominates all aspect of sports coverage because of one simple philosophy: serve sports fans anytime, anywhere. The anywhere part has evolved to go beyond physical location, as the sports giant has figured out how to publish across the myriad platforms its audience uses to consume sports information.

Under ESPN’s Tutelage, Grantland Plows Ahead
April 16, 2012

Grantland is a big kid’s club, run by writer Bill Simmons, the biggest kid of them all. The well-known “Sports Guy” columnist at ESPN set out a year ago to create a different kind of site: a place where long-form content that centers on the things he loves: sports and pop culture. Named after the revered sports columnist Grantland Rice, the site is a bit of an odd duckling at ESPN.