July 1, 2001

Computer-to-Plate (CTP) features companies specializing in Copy-Dot, Imposition Printing, Imposition Software, Plates and Platesetters. Each company features Web sites and descriptions of products and services. COPY-DOT: AGFA: Agfa Dot copydot software allows content creators to bring legacy films into their digital workflow. Agfa Professional Support (APS) provides service and support solutions, proving systems integration, workflow optimization, ongoing service and training. CreoScitex: www.creoscitex.com The Renaissance II Plus is a high-resolution, high-throughput copy-dot scanner that employs PMT scanning technology and an internal, transparent drum. Features include automatic registration, on-screen bitmap editing, tapeless film mounting, selectable speed/quality modes and multi-point tonal calibration. CreoScitex

A Demanding World
April 1, 2000

OnDemand Digital Printing & Publishing Expo showcases new print-on-demand products in New York City. Commercial printing had a dynamic decade in the '90s. Plagued by mergers and acquisitions and technical alteration, the industry has flourished, due in no small part to digital printing. In 1990, recalls Charles Pesko (Pesko provided one of the keynote presentations at OnDemand), managing director, CAP Ventures, Norwell, MA, life for commercial printing was simple and good. That same year, Xerox birthed the DocuTech, and in 1993, Xeikon and Indigo made color print-on-demand (POD) possible, Pesko states. In 1995, CAP Ventures valued the commercial printing industry at $91 billion,