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Enfocus Adds High-End Feature to Instant PDF 10
November 21, 2011

Enfocus today announces that it plans to release Enfocus Instant PDF 10, a major upgrade to the company's popular application for creating high quality, press-ready PDFs.

The Digital Handyman: Retooling the Publishing Workflow
August 1, 2006

More than a decade into the “CTP revolution,” many of the promises of digital workflow have yet to be fulfilled. The publishing industry is far from achieving the hands-off, utopian workflow many envisioned when film went away and content went digital. While some in the industry once resisted the notion of a digital workflow, most now agree that the evolution from film to files has been a positive for the publishing world—as profound a development as desktop publishing. With digital content, publishers can now cut out much of the prepress expense for their print workflow, and perhaps even more importantly, their content is now

A Graph Expo Wrap-Up You Won't Want to Miss
December 1, 2004

The exhibits filled a space larger than seven football fields inside McCormick Place in Chicago, Oct. 10-13. Tens of thousands of Graph Expo and Converting Expo attendees weaved in and out of aisles in search of products and technologies to help them streamline workflow, maximize efficiency and improve quality. While the show is geared primarily toward printers, a number of exhibitors unveiled products for the printers' customers as well, and some companies announced big news. Some Pluses for the Publishing and Agency Creative Department Quark Inc. announced the release of QuarkXPress 6.5 that will enable users to import native Adobe Photoshop documents (PSD

Moving Printability Upstream
April 1, 2004

Nothing disrupts the workflow more than putting unprintable files into the production stream. Conversely, printability is a sure-fire way to ensure workflow efficiency, and save time and money. Yet for years, content creators unwittingly submitted files rife with errors. Print service providers accepted them, only to later find the files were unprintable. The type and extent of errors in a digital workflow depends on the kinds of files print providers accept. If they take in PostScript, there can be problems with missing elements, missing fonts, or wrong page size specifications. Native application files with Macintosh or PC incompatibilities, or wrong versions of the pagination application, can present

Getting Creative About the PDF
April 1, 2004

One of the most significant developments of 2003 was a major update to what has become a world standard in communications: Adobe Acrobat. Today, for the first time, Adobe has brought forth an Acrobat version, 6.0, targeted specifically to the publishing and graphic arts markets. To that end, it includes, notably, an elementary built-in preflight capability. Although independent preflighting technology that is superior and more extensive exists, inclusion of this feature in Adobe Acrobat Professional 6 fits a larger shift in the graphic arts industry: growing awareness of the need to address quality issues in workflows. The consensus that Acrobat's PDF format is required for a

Markzware Lands Flightcheck Professional 5.0
February 1, 2004

We talked to three of Markzware's top beta testers about the new Mac OS X compatible release of this popular pre- and post-flight tool. The say the GUI's still geeky, but the Mac OS X support and buffed-up feature set make this PDF validation tool a must-have upgrade. Markzware Software recently launched its long-awaited and much heralded FlightCheck Professional 5.0. The latest generation of the company's flagship quality-assurance software for digital publishers offers a host of desirable features aimed at graphic arts and printing professionals. Topping the list is Mac OS X compatibility, perhaps the feature Macintosh users covet most today. Also new:

Certifiably Easy
December 1, 2003

Structured and, ideally, automated methods of communication, and the interaction between industry organizations, are key to successfully addressing the problems publishers face in reliably delivering printable PDF files. It is clear that consistency and reliability in PDF documents can be achieved when all parties involved in PDF workflow transactions create their PDF documents using approved settings from identical PDF profiles, to verify document printability. Enfocus Software's solution to the problem of exchanging reliable PDF documents began with the 2002 introduction of the company's Certified PDF Workflow technology. That offering streamlined PDF workflows by tracking authors and versions, and maintaining consistency between final production files

Beyond Preflight
August 1, 2003

Just over a decade ago, CTP (computer-to-plate) and direct-to-press digital printing began to alter the playing field for the print and publishing industries. Since then, the majority of printers have successfully completed the transition from film to digital file exchange. But with that shift came new dilemmas. For example, on which types of digital files should the print workflow be based? Who should be responsible for creating these final exchange formats—the content creator, a prepress vendor, or the printer? And what tools and best practices should be put in place to ensure file integrity and a job's success? Great strides have been made by

BookTech 2002 Top Ten
January 18, 2002

BookTech 2002 is just around the corner and do you know what to expect from this year's annual conference and expo? The editors of PrintMedia and BookTech magazines developed a top ten list of some of the hottest details to come out of New York City starting February 11. 10. Money is no object when it comes to serving attendees to the maximum. Those people who visit the show floor will not only have the chance to hold one-on-ones with notable vendors, such as Book-Mart Press and Glatfelter, but will be privy to free expert training on the latest technology tools in the