EU Services

Direct Mail Manufacturer Awarded for "Excellence in Recycling"
August 1, 2005

Rockville, MD -- EU Services, a full-service direct mail communications provider, was recently recognized for its recycling efforts, which consist of recycling more than 93 percent of its total waste generation. The company was awarded an "Excellence in Recycling Award" by the Montgomery County (Md.) Department of Solid Waste. It is the fourth consecutive year that EU Services has received the award, which is given to fewer than 35 companies in Montgomery County. "It's important for a manufacturing company such as ours to be responsible for our impact on the environment," says Ford James, director of facilities management at EU Services, which offers

Come Together
November 1, 2002

The computer-to-plate digital revolution is in full swing, but print buyers are finding that turning their back on film hasn't led their organizations to the promised land. While film production processes are largely linear, slow, and inefficient, they are, in the eyes of many print buyers and manufacturers alike, supremely manageable. Contrast that to digital computer-to-plate (CTP), where content moves at a dizzying pace, with dozens of people-including content creators, prepress suppliers, and printers-interactively massaging, moving, tweaking, sharing, and perfecting the digital data files that, at many shops, have pushed film and hard-copy proofs aside. While going digital and working in real-time offers many