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Mohawk Named in EPA's Top 25 'Green' Power Purchasers
October 1, 2005

Cohoes, NY — Mohawk Fine Papers Inc., manufacturer of premium printing, identity and imaging papers, has been added to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) List of Top 25 U.S. Green Power Purchasers. Mohawk's commitment to wind energy, which has replaced almost 40 percent of the company's electricity requirements, bumped it up the ranks of EPA Green Power Pushers leaders. Also, many of Mohawk's recycled products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council [FSC] or Green Seal. Mohawk (ranked #13) was one of four additions to the list announced this quarter along with HSBC (#7), Starbucks (#22), and Syracuse University (tied for #23). "Mohawk

Proof of Concept
May 1, 2003

Nowhere is the adage "time is money" more appropriate than when applied to the business of publishing. Publishers and printers are always on the lookout for faster, better, cheaper ways to speed the production workflow. Widely adopted technologies such as word processing, desktop publishing, digital photography and editing, accredited file formats, electronic file transfer, content management, and zero-make-ready presses all exist for one fundamental reason: to speed publishing production. Of all the points along the publishing workflow, one area remains doggedly resistant to time optimization: proofing. Publishing costs creep upward with every tick of the second hand as pages are being trafficked and proofed.

The Greening of the Publishing Industry
February 1, 2002

New versus recycled. Petroleum- versus water-based. In the world of paper and printing, these distinctions go a long way toward defining just how a publisher and printer produce their products. And while most proponents of environmental welfare believe that producers of all goods share a responsibility to minimize damage, the pulp, printing and publishing industries have been long-time menaces. Educated by stalwart industry associations and governmental agencies, more users and vendors of publication paper are adapting enviro-friendly practices. Years ahead of this awareness in the U.S., The Canadian Magazine Publishers Association ( advocated recycling. When the group first issued a report more

Bidding Wars
June 1, 2001

No more pitches. No more visits. No more phone calls. Online paper procurement portals offer alternatives to traditional paper buying. While Chris Powell, production director at New Hope Natural Media/Penton Media, says, "I am buying paper through a broker right now," she admits, "I'm always looking for ways to save more money!" In some cases, by logging online, print buyers can do everything from search for and buy paper, to researching paper market news and staying up-to-date on new product launches. Users and vendors alike benefit by comparing prices and creating a bigger pool of potential commerce. Powell also notes, "I would consider

Using Foreign Printers
March 9, 2001

It is generally an accepted rule of thumb in the print world that you can have only two of three things: low price, rapid delivery and high-quality. When publishers are purchasing print services domestically, they often sacrifice price for speed and quality. However, North American print buyers frequently fail to consider that with a small sacrifice in timeliness, it is possible to achieve extremely significant gains in quality and savings. It just takes a little organization, communication and global thinking. Enter foreign printers. What kind of jobs lend themselves to being printed abroad? Historically, ideal candidates for foreign printing have been complex coffee-table

Remote Proofing Gaining Ground
March 1, 2001

"Hurry up with that package! The messenger is here to pick it up!" Sound familiar? Conjure up images of production managers trying to stuff page proofs into stiff envelopes that never seem to be large enough? The battle cry, "FedEx is here," rates at about a six on a production manager's stress meter. But soon, that stress may be quelled as hard-copy proofs are slowly phased out of our workflow—in all cases except ad proofs, that is, which may hang around for at least the next generation. A handful of companies are now offering high-res proofing products for both soft

Brave New World of Beverage
January 15, 2001

For cocktail connoisseurs and buyers of adult beverages, Patterson's California Beverage Journal has been serving up content for more than a half of a century, and for the last four years, in Glendale, CA. The magazine's other latest change, a conversion to computer-to-plate (CTP), proves that old dogs, or in this case—magazines—can learn new tricks. According to Natasha Swords, associate publisher of the journal, "I wanted faster workflow at the printer via digital proofing instead of having film output, getting the film stripped, waiting for proofs, the added expense of changes after proofs and the time involved. The digital workflow allows me to

A Trusted Companion
May 1, 2000

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion enriches the lives of readers with practical content and vibrant ink on paper. Flipping through the pages of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, the reader finds an enriching mix of practical crafting and comforting artistry. Your attention may be drawn to a decorative pictorial, a profile of a regional artist or a menu fit for a Venetian-themed dinner party. Or perhaps you find yourself reminiscing of youth while gazing at the hand-crafted paper dolls inserted into the magazine on heavy stock that entices you to grab the scissors and play. The articles in its pages are useful, charming, whimsical and inspiring.

A Model Magazine
February 1, 2000

Everything you've always wanted to know about Cosmopolitan but were afraid to ask. 38 global editions. 100 countries. 24 languages. And that's just one magazine within Hearst Magazines' empire. According to the president of Hearst's international division, George Green, Cosmopolitan is the best-selling women's magazine, and Hearst was the first American company to publish outside U.S. borders. Those who have perused "Cosmo" understand that it's built a reputation on frank discussion of women's health and beauty issues, under the wings of such notable matriarchs as Helen Gurley Brown and, at present, Kate White, editor and chief. Since its founding, Cosmopolitan has gone

Remote Proofing-The Final Frontier
January 1, 2000

The digital age is here; we're living it every day. For production executives, "better, faster, cheaper" is the digital prize. There is one piece of the puzzle, however, that remains missing. The final barrier to a completely digital advertising workflow is remote proofing. When and if When remote proofing becomes a reality for advertisers, it will facilitate a truly digital workflow that will dramatically change the way we do business. Until then, due to consistency, standards and cost, we will have to be content to ship digital advertisements conventionally, with messengers or FedEx'd disks, along with in-on-paper proofs. But just because remote proofing can't deliver