Fine Woodworking

Get Your Multimedia House in Order
December 1, 2006

Managing the change from being print-centric to becoming a multiplatform deliverer of information can be difficult for a publishing company of any size. With no definitive road map to guide the way, publishers today are learning as they go when it comes to preparing their staffs for the conversion that continues to take place throughout the industry. Some larger media companies, with the resources to maintain separate departments for print and Web, opt for a division of the workload. However, many companies—no matter their size—have trained their staffs to be more diversified. Reps from some of the top b-to-b and consumer magazine publishers

The 5 O’Clock Split
August 1, 2006

When Phil Van Kirk joined The Taunton Press 18 years ago, he came on board as one of several production managers. Now as the senior production manager for the Newtown, Conn.-based publisher’s periodicals—Fine Homebuilding, Fine Woodworking, Fine Cooking, Fine Gardening and Threads—Van Kirk is responsible for getting those magazines onto the newsstand and into subscribers' mailboxes. PE: Can you offer any practical tips for other production directors? PVK: Keep a very good library—with samples of things you’ve done. Becoming a bit of a historian or librarian is really helpful. Collect some of the promotional stuff that the paper mills create, and tutorials on color and