Inside Forbes: From 'Original Sin' To Ad Blockers — And What The Future Holds
January 6, 2016 at 12:57 pm

It was my first day of class as a first-time Skype instructor, so I got right to it: “How many of you pay for content?” I asked a dozen or so University of Iowa journalism students as the fall semester got under way at my alma mater. Two, maybe three, gently raised an arm. Then came…

Forbes Blocks Ad Blockers
December 22, 2015 at 10:39 am

The escalating battle between ad-dependent publishers and ad blocking has a new front: Forbes. The publisher last week started blocking access to the site to some users of ad-blocking software. Visitors using desktop browser ad blockers are greeted with a polite but firm message on the “welcome screen” ad page Forbes serves prior to landing…

Is Your Organization Taking Full Advantage of Social Media?
September 23, 2015 at 9:00 am

We all know that social media is important -- it's where news breaks, content goes viral, and social change is spurred. But is your entire media organization taking advantage of these influential platforms? Is your staff working strategically about boosting your brands and driving reader engagement through social? Do you even have a social media strategy?

NYT Aims to Double Its Branded Content Business
June 25, 2015

Content marketing has gotten more complex in some ways, and yet it is clarifying in others. Remember just a couple of years ago, when people were hot and bothered about the colors and thickness around the Times' first Paid Posts? Some raised good questions of the lines between church and state, editorial and advertising - and others mistook contemporary content marketing for old-fashioned, unmistakably boosterish "advertorial" that has long plagued newspapers and magazines.

The Times has found the big budget sweet spot for its T Brand Studio: between $250,000 and $500,000. It now has completed 70 campaigns

Condé Nast Entertainment Pitches Video Empire at ‘Newfronts’
April 30, 2015

Condé Nast Entertainment, Condé Nast's video production arm, is expanding its platform for digital video content with more channels, partners and content, the company said at its third annual "newfront" presentation to advertisers this afternoon.

When The Scene launched last July, C.N.E. marketed it as a hub for all digital videos from its brand-associated channels, as well as videos from eight partners, among them Buzzfeed and Forbes. C.N.E.'s strategy was to offer affluent millennial viewers and advertisers a wide selection of quality content in one place.

Press Release: Consulting Magazine Licenses Forbes' Digital Platform (Falcon) for Relaunch of Site
April 28, 2015

NEW YORK - April 28, 2015 -Consulting Magazine, the flagship publication of the consulting profession, has announced new content offerings that help readers offer broader strategic guidance to their clients. The re-launch of its new website, expands its digital offerings for members by connecting to ALM content and leveraging Forbes' digital publishing platform called Falcon, is licensing

Teen Vogue Debuts Condé Nast's First Sponsored Cover Ad
April 27, 2015

Kylie Jenner has been the subject of plenty of online buzz this week for landing her first solo Teen Vogue cover, but it won't be the reality star's face subscribers see when they receive their music-themed May issue. That's because Teen Vogue-in a first for parent company Condé Nast-is getting in on the growing cover ad trend with a false cover sponsored by hair-care line Tresemmé.

In addition to the cover, Tresemmé's sponsorship, which focuses on festival style, includes an advertorial on the inside flap with tips on how to get Jenner's cover look

ASME Dramatically Overhauls Ad Guidelines, Now OK for Editors to Create Ads
April 16, 2015

The American Society of Magazine Editors has overhauled its guidelines, clearing away hurdles that sought to prevent editors from creating advertising content or publishers from selling ads on magazine covers.

Unlike the old guidelines, where discouraging cover ads was the first item on the list, now there's no specific language dissuading publishers from selling cover ads. And when it comes to editors collaborating alongside advertisers, the new principles simply say, "Editors should avoid working with and reporting on the same marketer." They previously said, "Don't Ask Editors to Write Ads."