13 Tips for Increasing Revenue Through Reprints and Content Licensing
December 1, 2007

Magazine publishers invest significant time, money and resources into producing quality content, both for print and online publication. However, once it publishes, that content does not necessarily cease to be valuable. Smart publishers also invest in repurposing their content for sale after it publishes, through reprints and licensing agreements, and as a result, can generate a greater return on their initial investment. Reprint sales and content licensing professionals shared with Publishing Executive the following tips on how to maximize this aspect of your business and generate increased revenue. Growing Your Reprint Business 1. Be proactive. Many publishers simply respond to reprint requests rather

Squeeze More Revenue Out of Your Content
May 1, 2007

Publishers are developing online content fast. They’re also looking for ways to build new revenue from e-prints (electronic reprints) and licensing the rights to online content. “They’re realizing the growing need to service their reprint and permission customers directly off the Web,” says Dan Fineberg, director of marketing at Reprint Management Services, a reprint marketer and fulfillment manager in Lancaster, Pa. “Simply tagging online content isn’t enough to generate substantial reuse revenue.” With many options out there for services and solutions to help you maximize your reprints and content-licensing revenue, how do you find the best partner for this part of your business?

Google’s Jim Gerber to Keynote Publishing Executive Conference and Expo
March 2, 2007

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Publishing Executive magazine proudly announces Google’s Jim Gerber as keynote speaker for the upcoming 2007 Publishing Executive Conference and Expo, scheduled for March 5-7, 2007, at the New York Marriott Marquis, Times Square. Gerber, director of content partnerships at Google, will present the Keynote Address on Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 9:15 a.m. The keynote address is open to all registered attendees. “We are thrilled to have Jim give the keynote address at the Publishing Executive Conference and Expo. There are few companies that have as profound an influence on publishing today as Google, so it’s a major boon for our audience of

The Reprint Evolution
February 1, 2007

The increased prominence of digital content has opened new doors for reprints services. However, questions of how to manage, price and sell these new forms of content delivery arise for those offering reprints. In fact, the concept of what the reprint industry is today is much different than it was just a year or two ago, says Michelle Wolfe, vice president of sales and marketing for FosteReprints, a veteran business that offers a wide-array of reprint services in-house, including printing and digital e-print creation. The technology to create e-prints, digital files containing the magazine or Web site content has been in existence for

Click-to-Order Reprints
April 1, 2006

For the past several years, those seeking reprints of an article they’ve read via a magazine’s Web site could call a contact number or send an e-mail to an address provided on the site. Or they could complete a simple online form and click “submit.” That information would generally be sent via e-mail to the publisher or the company providing reprints for that publisher, and the potential purchaser would be contacted for more specifics. But much more recently, ordering reprints through online automation has become more sophisticated. Rights can now be purchased for various uses, and any quantity can be ordered—from a single reprint

Tips for Selling More Reprints
June 1, 2005

Is your reprints program just not cutting the mustard? You're not alone. Many publishers struggle with maximizing this area of their businesses. But you can take some immediate steps to turn your reprint program into a profit center. The first thing that Reprint Management Services (RMS), a company that helps publishers boost reprint sales, does when a publisher comes to them for help is to look at the publisher's print and online content to gauge where the publisher is now compared to where they could be with reprint sales, says Michael Biggerstaff, president of RMS. One way RMS does this is by

Reprints Gain Clout As Profit-Pushers
August 1, 2004

For years, publishers have treated reprints like a shy little cousin—always invited to the party, but never a big part of the conversation. In today's digital world, however, reprints are bringing in the bucks, earning them a seat at the big people's table. Reprints have, for the most part, long been a profitable part of business for most publishers. But, today, moving from analog to digital files that can be easily customized, shared and tracked online has opened up new revenue opportunities. Many large publishers outsource their reprint efforts, relying on marketing companies to assume the task of extracting the maximum value

Reaping Additional Revenue with Reprints
June 1, 2002

One can only speculate when and what the Eureka! moment was for the publisher who first discovered additional revenue could be made by selling article reprints to those individuals and companies featured positively within the column walls. As for when a potential conflict of interest was realized, this too is a source of speculation. But as a result of the overarching conflict between editorial integrity and the opportunity to generate ancillary revenue, an industry of third party magazine reprint specialists was spawned. Among larger firms such as PARS, FosteReprints and Reprint Management Services (RMS), are myriad independent contractors intent upon encouraging publishers to outsource

MagazineTech's New Product Retrospective
March 16, 2001

This week, MagazineTech 2001 hosted new announcements combined with educational opportunities for magazine production professionals. In conjunction with CatalogTech and Internet Publishing Expo, MagazineTech is a long-time proponent of innovative software and production management improvements. The following companies debuted new products designed for magazine, catalog and Internet professionals interested in increasing revenues and efficiency: Clickability demonstrated a suite of online tools: SAVE THIS, EMAIL THIS and PRINT THIS, designed for Web publishers interested in implementing greater interaction between content and users. and, two users of the applications, stream news feeds and allow users more downloading and linking options online. DirectMedia showcased

Double Takes
April 1, 2000

Publishers offer experiential evidence regarding the lucrative value of reprints and e-prints. One of the main functions of an article is to provoke a reader to, in fact, read. What better affirmation for a publication than to know that not only has a magazine been effective in communicating once, but that an encore could be waiting in the wings? Therefore, selling a reprint is much like selling the same ticket to the performance hundreds—even thousands of times—according to some top industry professionals. "The best thing that can happen to a company," says Chuck Naughton, director of publisher services, Reprint Services, St. Paul, MN, "is