Reprints! Reprints! Reprints!
April 1, 1999

ROI for Editorial Content: A thriving reprints market offers additional revenue potential to magazine publishers. There is no denying that a publisher can financially benefit from selling reprints of its editorial content. However, to establish a lucrative, systematic business plan for reprints requires a great deal of commitment. A number of factors contribute to the success of your publication's reprint program, including how sales are transacted and how the reprints are actually manufactured. But first, we should establish why reprints are so important to the publication market. Why reprints? Reprints come in a variety of shapes, sizes and formats. In the traditional scenario,

If They Can, We Can Too
May 1, 1998

Reprints suppliers, determined not to be left out of the technological frenzy, ponder new solutions for developing innovative programs. The goal of a reprints supplier is essentially the goal shared by most print manufacturers—to produce an affordable, high-quality piece in a short span of time. Reprints vendors share something else in common with the print production industry—a keen interest in new technologies that promise to make the reprints industry even more lucrative in years to come. Who's doing what? The capabilities and services of reprints vendors run the gamut. Some offer consulting services to help publishers launch in-ternal reprints divisions, some provide marketing services and others focus