Global Graphics Software

The Digital Handyman: Retooling the Publishing Workflow
August 1, 2006

More than a decade into the “CTP revolution,” many of the promises of digital workflow have yet to be fulfilled. The publishing industry is far from achieving the hands-off, utopian workflow many envisioned when film went away and content went digital. While some in the industry once resisted the notion of a digital workflow, most now agree that the evolution from film to files has been a positive for the publishing world—as profound a development as desktop publishing. With digital content, publishers can now cut out much of the prepress expense for their print workflow, and perhaps even more importantly, their content is now

Moving Printability Upstream
April 1, 2004

Nothing disrupts the workflow more than putting unprintable files into the production stream. Conversely, printability is a sure-fire way to ensure workflow efficiency, and save time and money. Yet for years, content creators unwittingly submitted files rife with errors. Print service providers accepted them, only to later find the files were unprintable. The type and extent of errors in a digital workflow depends on the kinds of files print providers accept. If they take in PostScript, there can be problems with missing elements, missing fonts, or wrong page size specifications. Native application files with Macintosh or PC incompatibilities, or wrong versions of the pagination application, can present

Free Tool Flags Overprint Errors
August 1, 2003

Two of the most common errors when printing PDF/X files are overprints and font handling. While incorrect fonts are often obvious on a proof, until recently it's been difficult to identify incorrect overprinting. Officials of Global Graphics Software are now offering a free solution to the problem, in the form of an easy-to-use overprint control strip. The control strip is used for checking that proofs and prints made from PDF/X files have rendered correctly, and whether a proof and final press sheet are likely to match. The strip is supplied as an EPS file. It can be easily placed outside the trim or bleed area of every

Cross Border Chomper
July 8, 2002

Jaws is finally being released in Canada. No, not the movie version that kept summer vacationers out of the water 25 years ago, but the PDF product line from Global Graphics Software. Available in the U.S. since 1994, the company recently entered into an agreement with EMJ Data Systems of Guelph, ON, to distribute its suite of software tools that make creating, manipulating, distributing and printing files in a standard PDF easier and with less training time. Global Graphics develops and supplies high performance RIPs, PDF document, workflow and color solutions to a customer base of original equipment manufacturers, including digital pre-press systems, large-format

Graphics Divided
June 8, 2001

This week, Global Graphics announced that it's charting its nine prepress hardware and printing software companies into two distinct divisions, Global Graphics Hardware and Global Graphics Software. The well-known names of the former subsidiary companies—like Harlequin and Jaws Systems, on the software side—will remain as product brands, according to company officials. Global Graphics Hardware vows to continue developing solutions for lithography, flexography, CTP and digital production workflow. The division's executives plans to continue creating RIPs, PDF and workflow tools and color management solutions. The two divisions currently have existing relationships with more than 70 OEMs, and hold more than 50 technology patents. Remarkably,