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Solutions Showcase: Digital Proofing Update
April 1, 2008

For more than a decade, magazine publishers have strived to adopt soft proofing. “Our customers … have come to recognize the efficiencies and savings [that] monitor proofing can add …,” notes Dr. Carol Werlé, CEO of Dalim Software, Germany. “They want to eliminate hard-copy proofs, which are expensive to make, time-consuming to review, and cumbersome to track and handle in an automated workflow.” Soft proofing also enables stakeholders in multiple locations to review proofs simultaneously in real-time. And most soft-proofing systems include methods for tracking the proof along with comments and revisions made to the file. Even initial concerns about soft proofs being

GMG Colorproof with Epson Printers Receive SWOP Certification
August 1, 2005

TUEBINGEN, Germany -- GMG, a leading developer and marketer of high-end professional color management solutions, announces today that it has been granted SWOP Specifications for Web Offset Publications certification for its ColorProof digital proofing solution driving Epson's StylusPro 4800, 7800 and 9800 inkjet printer models using GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250gsm. GMG is the first off-press proofing system to provide customers with an Application Data Sheet (ADS) based on highly accurate Lab values rather than densitometry and dot gain measurements. Using a spectrophotometer, users can measure Lab values of color test bars, which are much more precise than using a densitometer to measure density of