Hanley Wood

Frank Talk: Frank Anton's Latest Webcast
June 18, 2010

Frank Anton's "Frank Talk Video Webcast" is a popular feature on Hanley Wood's website. In Anton's May 2010 webcast, he talks about the imminent end of the housing recession.

Hanley Wood CEO Frank Anton's Antics
June 18, 2010

Hanley Wood. ... Especially for those in the business-to-business publishing world, the company's name seems to be surrounded by a bit of intrigue. Everyone wants to know what Hanley Wood is up to now. Frank Anton talks candidly about Hanley Wood's business, including where print fits in today, and where he sees it headed in the future

This Week's Featured Video: Highlights from the 2010 Publishing Business Conference & Expo
April 23, 2010

With a trying 2008 and 2009 behind us, most publishers who attended the 2010 Publishing Business Conference & Expo (PublishingBusiness.com), March 8-10, seemed, at the very least, less worried about the future than they were last year and, in fact, most were quite optimistic. The conference theme, “Publishing at a Tipping Point,” was the unifying force behind more than 60 educational sessions presented by 150 speakers from all walks of the publishing industry. The presentations and discussions focused on industry shifts and practical information to help publishers adapt and thrive.