Hanley Wood

Get Your Multimedia House in Order
December 1, 2006

Managing the change from being print-centric to becoming a multiplatform deliverer of information can be difficult for a publishing company of any size. With no definitive road map to guide the way, publishers today are learning as they go when it comes to preparing their staffs for the conversion that continues to take place throughout the industry. Some larger media companies, with the resources to maintain separate departments for print and Web, opt for a division of the workload. However, many companies—no matter their size—have trained their staffs to be more diversified. Reps from some of the top b-to-b and consumer magazine publishers

WE HAVE LIFTOFF: How to Make Your Magazine Launch a Success
August 1, 2006

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: 63 percent of all new magazines fail to survive their first year. The magazine marketplace is more crowded than ever—it seems every idea has been turned into a new magazine not only once or twice but 10 or 11 times. Through the first half of 2006, new launches are down 16 percent from a year ago. There is no magic formula to ensure a successful launch or a profitable magazine, nor are there any guarantees your latest and greatest idea will have readers or advertisers lining up at your office door. Now the good

Tips for Evaluating and Profiting From Acquistions
June 1, 2006

Last month, Hanley Wood acquired Alexander and Edwards (A&E), a San Francisco-based publisher of two housing finance magazines (see news brief on p. 25). The purchase rounds out Hanley Wood’s portfolio of housing publications and conferences. Hanley Wood Magazines President Peter Goldstone discussed the deal with Publishing Executive and shared his philosophies on acquisitions within the publishing industry. Publishing Executive: Peter, can you describe what goes into the acquisition process from your company’s end as the buyer? Peter Goldstone: First and foremost, [you ask]: is [the company] a strategic fit? Does the entity we’re pursuing help us fulfill a strategic imperative

June 1, 2006

Cosmopolitan Offers Its Advertisers Integrated Options The Hearst Corporation’s Cosmopolitan announced it will partner with fashion Web site Glam.com to allow advertisers to run ads alongside contextually relevant editorial content on Glam’s network. “We are offering our advertisers one of today’s most powerful integrated print and online campaigns,” says Donna Kalajian Lagani, Cosmopolitan’s senior vice president/publishing director. “This program combines the enormous reach of Cosmopolitan with an unmatched online opportunity. Advertisers need this type of partnership to stay top of mind with a modern audience that uses different types of media to gather information about their brand choices.” “Glam.com’s innovative campaigns for

Where’s the Money in Publishing?
April 10, 2006

Publisher Hanley Wood (www.HanleyWood.com) has been producing magazines for the residential and commercial construction industries for 30 years, including popular titles Builder, Custom Home, and Remodeling. In addition to its print division, Hanley Wood also has marketing, market intelligence, exhibition and e-media divisions. CEO Frank Anton had a background in print publishing when he came to Hanley Wood 25 years ago, and he spoke with contributor John Gartner about the importance of electronic media, where Hanley Wood derives most of its online revenue, how to capture an online audience and the future of the company’s conferences. What was the biggest challenge you faced

Texterity Offers Spanish User Interface for Digital Magazines
September 1, 2005

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. -- Texterity Inc. has introduced a Spanish language user interface for digital magazines, which will allow readers to browse, navigate, save and search Spanish language magazines in the language in which they are published. Spanish will be the first language offered as part of Texterity's internationalization of its magazine delivery solution. The Texterity digital delivery technology allows readers to simply click on a link to immediately view the magazine and leaf through its pages. Readers can also download the issue to archive it and read it or search its contents at a later time. With the new interface, all of the controls for reading