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Hearst’s Troy Young Makes Scale His Friend
June 17, 2015

Scale means a lot of things these days. In the recent headlines, it means leveraging everything from Facebook Instant Articles to Snapchat's Discover to Apple News-as the wider, wider world of distribution unfolds. In reach, it means embracing the boundaries of the globe, rather than those of North America. In technology and content, it means a revolution in how brands as big, diverse and set in their long-successful ways as Hearst's 21 U.S. magazines do their daily work.


Foreign Affairs Publisher Lynda Hammes Joins PubExec Advisory Board
June 11, 2015

Publishing Executive is honored to announce that Lynda Hammes, publisher of Foreign Affairs, has joined our editorial advisory board. Hammes has been a strong supporter of Publishing Executive for many years, is a frequent speaker at our events, and has been recognized as an industry leader and advocate. Foreign Affairs recently re-launched its website, focusing on responsive design and a very image driven presentation. (Take a look on both mobile and desktop if you haven't yet.) The site's stunning use of powerful images certainly grabs your attention, but as Hammes notes, visuals alone don't take precedence over Foreign Affairs distinctive editorial content. So far, Hammes reports the re-launch has had a positive impact on engagement metrics, including subscription conversion.

Press Release: HGTV Magazine to Raise Rate Base in 2016
June 10, 2015

NEW YORK, NY (June 10, 2015) - HGTV Magazine, a joint venture between Hearst Magazines and Scripps Networks Interactive, today announced that it will raise its rate base in 2016 to 1.25 million from 1.2 million effective with the January/February 2016 issue. The announcement was made by Dan Fuchs, publisher & chief revenue officer ofHGTV Magazine.

Apple to Launch New Flipboard-Like App, While Newsstand Goes Away
June 8, 2015

Apple plans to announce a free, Flipboard-like product that will show consumers samplings of content from big media partners including ESPN, the New York Times, Conde Nast and Hearst, sources say.

At the same time, Apple is going to do away with Newsstand, the app that stored and distributed newspapers and magazines, which some partners complained tended to bury its content. Individual publishers will sell apps within the app store like any other developer. This follows on the steps of familiar efforts from Facebook and Snapchat, as well as Flipboard, to publish content directly on their own apps. 

How Hearst Doubled Its Size in 5 Years, an Interview with President David Carey
June 8, 2015

I spoke with David recently about his upcoming fifth anniversary as president of Hearst Magazines and we talked about some of his most important successes, which he shared totally with his team, and about a particular failure that he assumed complete responsibility for. It was a conversation that looked back on his early years at Hearst, checked in with his present situation, and also expanded into the future of the globally-growing company. His focus is clear; while he's very proud of his team's accomplishments over the last five years, he's also ready to move forward

Publishing and Commerce: Will It Work?
June 4, 2015

As newsstand and advertising revenues plummet, magazine companies are desperately seeking new streams of revenue to plug the holes. They're pumping money into TV programming, online videos, native advertising departments and more. Now they've turned their attentions back to commerce, as the ease and fast growth of online shopping have reignited their belief that they, too, can become e-tailers. Why not? In their view, they already are arbiters of taste, curators of the best products for their readers, guardians of all that is chic and covetable. Why shouldn't they sell what they show in their pages?

Magazine Newsstand Sales Q1 2015: Retail Declines, Smaller Print Runs Show Losing Battle Against Facebook And iPhones
June 1, 2015

The cast of the forthcoming "Star Wars" film is on the cover of the June issue of Vanity Fair, but chances are you won't pick up a copy the next time you're standing in line at the supermarket. Why would you, when a thousand free pictures of Chewbacca are readily available in your Facebook news feed?

That choice is at the heart of an ongoing crisis facing the country's largest magazine publishers, which are increasingly discovering they can no longer rely on the lucrative impulse buys that once supplemented their subscription revenue and boosted their circulation numbers.

Audio: Listen to Publishing Executive Live Panels on Mastering Data Analytics and Mobile Platforms
May 26, 2015

On May 18thPublishing Executive held its second Executive Summit on Digital Media in New York City. The objective of the event was to provide publishing leaders proven tactics on developing new digital revenue strategies, harnessing the power of data analytics, and reaching audiences on mobile. The event was a success, attracting over 60 publishing leaders from consumer, B2B, and niche publishing segments.