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Matthew Yorke Promoted to CEO of IDG Global Solutions
December 12, 2012

IDG Communications CEO Bob Carrigan has named Matthew Yorke, CEO, IDG Global Solutions (IGS) after Yorke brought together two sales and services groups to create one, new organization to serve clients worldwide.  Yorke had been president of IGS since 2010 and also served as president of IDG Strategic Marketing Services (SMS).

IDG Amplify Social Media Marketing Grows into a Family of Products and Services
August 29, 2012

IDG Communications, which established a leadership position in social media marketing more than four years ago with the tech media market’s first social advertising services, has significantly expanded its social products and services.  IDG Amplify offerings now include a portfolio of social marketing services, products, and integrated programs all tailored to provide the insights, campaign optimization, and ongoing impact to help IT marketers improve their company’s social Web presence and voice.

Know the Code
July 1, 2012

Having trouble getting a handle on HTML5? Don't worry, you're not alone. Even executives whose job it is to shape the future use of technology in publishing face significant challenges in implementing the latest Web coding language for long-term strategic goals.

Gannett Expects Paywall ‘Will be Worth $100 Million to us in 2013′
April 9, 2012

The publishing industry is coming to terms with the need for heavy cultural change to pick up the pace of transformation. But keynote speaker Bob Carrigan, CEO of the IDG Communications stable of computer publications and websites, said the basics of an innovation culture are not all that complicated.

His company keeps a close watch for disruptive startups and won’t “cede the territory” to them, Carrigan said. His charge to his product development teams is ”get it 80 percent right and do it.”