5 Steps to Success With Rich Data Products
November 1, 2007

Not all companies will conclude that marketing rich data products makes sense for them, but it’s worthwhile to at least explore these opportunities. Innodata Isogen—a provider of knowledge process outsourcing and information technology services—suggests the following five steps to develop successful rich data products. Step 1: Perform a Customer Survey Ask your customers how you are currently meeting their needs, and how you can help them realize their vision for their business. Also, ask your staff how they think your customers are now using your information, and what they believe your customers would like to derive from it. Develop your best analysis of what people are

Avoid 4 Costly Link Management Pitfalls
July 3, 2007

Link management is a vital component of a publisher’s XML-based system. Innodata Isogen, the Hackensack, N.J.-based provider of digital content services and solutions, recently issued a white paper titled, “Don’t Break the Link: Avoid Four Costly Pitfalls in Linking and Reuse” that lays out some of the challenges of link management and offers practical advice for incorporating an effective strategy into a publishing environment. Pitfall #1—Failing to Maintain Link Paths and Dependencies Dependency tracking plays a key role in managing links and maintaining their validity. A link relationship includes the source document (which originates the link), the target document, the link path location information, and various