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Webinar-related Products and Services
March 7, 2008

Here are a number of leading webinar-related solutions on the market: Accela Communications A marketing services firm with tools and services to produce and manage Web communications via on-demand rich media, Web-response-management tools and multimedia content. (508) 303-9709 Bulldog Solutions A lead-generation management and optimization firm focusing on generating leads through webinars and podcasts. (877) 402-9199 Intellor Group Inc. A full-service multimedia company specializing in webinars, webcasts and multimedia programs. (301) 208-6766 Internap Network Services A provider of performance network services, and streaming video and rich media advertising. (800) 254-7554 Netbriefings A provider of large, broadcast-style Web

Webinars: Gaining Traction With Your Advertisers and Your Audience
March 1, 2008

Bringing together hundreds or even thousands of people with the click of a mouse, webinars have emerged as a mainstay on the publishing landscape. With their inherent ability to deliver strong content to a digital audience in a digestible and well-received format, webinars are proving their worth as a strong and steady revenue stream for many publishers. Originally begun as experiments for a few publications, webinars are now spreading through the business-to-business world like wildfire, and are fast becoming critical elements of publishing operations. Web-based Seminars Provide New Revenue Streams As they move further into the digital world, more magazine publishers are discovering that

Raising the Bar on Webınars
March 1, 2007

One of the biggest trends occurring in the webinar world, according to a recent study, is the use and appeal of video programs—live or on-demand. The study, conducted by ON24, a San Francisco-based webinar solutions provider, revealed that video webinars attracted 45 percent to 47 percent more registrants and attendees, while audio webcast registration decreased by 3 percent among business-to-business publishers. “Audio is still very competitive, but video is becoming the preference,” says Sharat Sharan, ON24 CEO and president. “Not only have attendees grown accustomed to hearing and seeing webinars, but they crave them. They stimulate more of our senses.” Sharan says that

How to Plan, Produce and Profit From Webcasts
September 1, 2006

Before delving into the world of webcasts or, shall we say, webinars, it seems pertinent to explain the differences between the two. There aren’t any. “The only differences that exist are mere fabrications lying within the minds of individuals who have ideas about what webcasts or webinars are,” says Richard Rist, founder and CEO, Intellor Group—a multimedia company in Gaithersburg, Md., that specializes in webinars. “The confusion is the result of different terms coined for the same technology, which were originated by large software companies.” Though it is true many consider webcasting to be more video-based and webinars more PowerPoint-based—often lumped under

Webcasting Sidebar 2
September 1, 2006

Before You Commit Richard Rist, founder and CEO, Intellor Group, Gaithersburg, Md., cautions smaller independent publishers about jumping onto the webinar bandwagon. He says there are certain aspects of the business that must be in place before webinars will be effective: n You must have e-mail accounts in existence or an alternative electronic way of reaching your audience. n Make sure you have a large enough audience to sustain good webinar attendance. n Make sure you have a healthy ad base and sales force to support webinars. n Consult companies experienced with webinars. n Don’t purchase software you think will help you start up a webcast program since the software