Japs Olson Co.

The Next Level in Print Production
April 1, 2004

There's no shortage of acronyms in the print industry. We have cap, PD., PPD, XML, SVG, POD, BOD, and many more. One of the most recent additions to the industry's vernacular is JDF. JDF, short for 'job definition format', is neither an application nor product. Rather, it is a vendor-neutral way to format data based on XML, the extensible markup language. The industry group behind JDF is CIP4, a-k-a the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress. This consortium of print industry movers and shakers—which includes everyone from equipment manufacturers to software developers, to printers and their clients—built on CIP3's PPF

Digital Q & A
February 1, 2000

Michael Murphy talks about Japs-Olson's digital printing strategy. Michael Murphy, director of production, Japs-Olson, St. Louis Park, MN, recently shared his thoughts on digital printing with the editors of P&PE. In a candid discussion, he talks about his company's digital printing strategy to enter the exciting world of on-demand and how digital printing technologies have enabled Japs-Olson to compete in the one-to-one marketing arena. PPE: Digital printing is not new to Japs-Olson, right? Murphy: We're a direct-mail production house, so we've been working with black-and-white variable-data printing for a number of years. We run Océ presses. Our most popular job is very traditional for