Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Active Interest Media Acquires Cabin Life
May 15, 2015

Yesterday Active Interest Media announced its acquisition of Cabin Life magazine from fellow niche, enthusiast publisher Kalmbach Publishing. The magazine will be combined with AIM's Country's Best Cabins and published under the newly created Cabin Living, now the largest cabin enthusiast brand in the market. It has a combined audience of 150,000.

Kalmbach Publishing Launches Drone360 Magazine
January 20, 2015

Keeping print publications alive is an uphill battle, but it still seems-as the old adage goes-like there's a magazine for everything: modern catsfamily handymensneakersthe apocalypse, etc.

The latest niche to hit newsstands? Drones.

Kalmbach Publishing, the Wisconsin-based publisher of Discover magazine (as well as wonky titles like Astronomy, Trains and American Snowmobiler) has launched Drone 360, which the company bills as "the first magazine to offer total coverage of the breathtaking world of drones." (There's no reason to doubt this claim, as far as a cursory Google search could reveal.)

Loyal Subscribers Keep Hobby Magazines Afloat
December 30, 2013

Lance Prucnal's family, like others in the digital age, has canceled most of its newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Mr. Prucnal's wife dumped Family Circle, Taste of Home and Better Homes & Gardens because she no longer found enough interesting recipes. His daughter said goodbye to Glamour. And he didn't renew Newsweek and The Dallas Morning News because the family was getting their general-interest news from television.

Special Interest
April 1, 2013

If, as many believe, the future of magazine publishing is niche, then it makes sense to look to niche publishers for clues to revenue models, products and strategies that will carry the industry forward.

Is New York Publishing On the Ropes?
February 19, 2013

An unexpected debate around Publishing Executive blogger Ron Matejko's recent post on the possible sale of Time Inc. concerned the location of Matejko's publishing concern, MVP Media. Some readers felt that, being located in Arizona, Matejko was not qualified to comment on the digital strategy of a New York publisher.

Discover magazine builds new staff in Wisconsin
December 17, 2012

With the publication of the March 2013 issue of Discover magazine, Kalmbach Publishing Co. completes the transition of Discover’s editorial offices from New York to Waukesha, Wis., including the hiring of a new editorial and design staff.

Oprah Take Notice: Linda Magazine Wants You!
October 24, 2012

Lucky me, here I am in the absolutely lovely town of Oxford, Mississippi, full of sunshine, literary culture, history, everything Ole Miss, and the wonderful independent bookstore Square Books. Also full, this week, of lots of magazine folk in town for Mr. Magazine and Publishing Executive columnist Samir Husni’s annual ACT conference, this year with the theme: “Never Underestimate the Power of Print in a Digital Age.”

The Writer Magazine Commemorates 125 Years
March 18, 2012

A century and a quarter after publishing its first issue, The Writer continues to inspire readers to imagine, write and publish. Started in 1887, the magazine instructs, informs and motivates its readers with comprehensive how-to advice on the craft of writing — as well as news, interviews, book reviews and up-to-the-minute market information.

450+ issues of Astronomy Magazine Now Available in One Searchable DVD Format
February 2, 2012

Integration New Media, Inc. today announced that astronomy lovers now have access to the complete collection of Astronomy Magazine dating back to 1973 - right at their fingertips. More than 450 issues and 23 special editions of the world’s best-selling astronomy magazine are now available in one fully searchable DVD.

NM worked closely with the magazine’s publisher, Kalmbach Publishing, to bring 37 years’ worth of issues into an interactive digital format. Astronomy enthusiasts can quickly search through the entire collection of Astronomy Magazine to find their favorite articles, photographs and contributions by Carl Sagan, Jack Newton, Richard Berry and other reputable scientists and authors.