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Q&A With David Briggs, VP of Sales & Marketing at Lane Press
December 23, 2014

The December Issue Publishing Executive featured the re-launch of the Top 20 Magazine Printers, a ranking that lists the largest printers in the U.S. and Canada by revenue. To accompany that ranking, we interviewed top printing executives to find out how the printing industry has changed and the issues they think publishers should be most mindful of in the future. Printing experts shared insights on custom publishing, automated workflows, and the importance of high-quality print content. The Q&As we published in the December issue were just snapshots, but following you'll find the full-length interview with David Briggs, vice president of sales & marketing at Lane Press

Forecasting the Future of Print
December 1, 2014

Publishing Executive has tapped five printing executives to share their insights on the continually evolving print industry. Leaders from The Sheridan Group, Lane Press, Publication Printers Corp., Quad/Graphics, and Freeport Press discuss the enduring importance of efficient workflows, custom printing options, and high-quality print content. These Q&As accompany the 2014 Publishing Executive Top 20 Magazine Printers, which ranks the largest printers in the U.S. and Canada

Publishing Executive Top 20 Magazine Printers 2014
December 1, 2014

Ranking of largest magazine printers in the U.S. and Canada is based on each company's revenue earned within the magazine sector. This data was compiled by our sister publication Printing Impressions. Some notable organizations, such as RR Donnelley, choose not to disclose financial information on a per-sector basis.

Magazine Industry Descends Upon Oxford, Mississippi
November 11, 2013

Imagine, if you will, a cozy academic auditorium filled with professionals from every part of the publishing universe -- publishers, editors, circulators, investment bankers, writers, digital visionaries, retail experts, printers and even people who sell paper. Sure, and let's throw a pundit or two into the mix and then fill the rest of the seats with enthusiastic journalism students. What you have is the ACT 4 Experience at Ole Miss created and hosted by Dr. Samir Husni.

The Winners
September 1, 2010

Gold, silver and bronze winners in seven categories. Check out to view the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pewter winners in 40 additional categories.

The Top 25 Magazine Printers
April 1, 2008

Highlighted by Quebecor World’s bankruptcy-protection filing, and rising postage and paper costs, the past year in the magazine printing market has seen a number of developments that continue to resonate throughout the industry. Doron Grosman, president of Quebecor World’s U.S. Magazine Division, called it a “perfect storm”—with printers and publishers challenged by ballooning postal rates, considerable pricing and supply issues in the paper market, and “market resistance to both circulation and advertising growth,” he says.

December 1, 2007

Production & Distribution TIPS By Steven W. Frye We live in an information-rich time. Besides professional books, journals, directories and trade magazines, such as Publishing Executive, we have the Internet. But company Web sites and newsletters, both print and electronic, have also added to the list of professional resources. In the past, it was very difficult to gather industry information, especially in a timely manner. But now we have a wealth of timely information available to us. As many people discovered, “push” services are more desirable than “pull” services. In other words, people prefer to have pertinent information delivered to them, rather than

It's Not Easy Being Green
January 1, 1999

Publishing & Production Executive asked Doug Moss, publisher of E/The Environmental Magazine, to discuss his publication's commitment to the environment, then put him on the spot to see if he carries out that commitment in regard to E's production workflow. Moss, who oversees editorial and production planning for the Norwalk, CT-based publication, which publishes six times annually for 56,000 readers, passed the test with flying colors. Publishing & Production Executive: What's the story behind E? Doug Moss: I founded E with Deborah Kamlani, my wife, inspired by the Greenhouse Summer of 1988, which saw hotter temperatures than normal (and a lot of

Technology Travel Log
September 1, 1998

For regional magazine production, wise decision-making is the key to success. Introducing a regional magazine is perhaps no different than producing any other genre of periodical. Or is it? While all magazines are certainly able to benefit from new technologies—digital color proofing, computer-to-plate (CTP) printing, and telecommunications—choosing effective, affordable digital solutions and implementing sensible workflows may be the greatest challenges faced by regional publishers. Really, it all depends on the bottom line Getting to know your audience If people don't buy a magazine, any of that title's production woes somehow pale in the big-picture comparison. So how do regional publishers build a circulation