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To Successfully Launch a Digital Magazine, Replicate the Print Approach
May 18, 2015

The rules of print magazine publishing can be brutal and rarely can be broken. So there are good reasons why self-publishers who want their own title jumped at the chance to launch a digital magazine: it seemed to offer a cheap and easy way to produce a publication and reach readers.

In the end, producing the new digital magazine is the easy part (and cheap, when compared to print), but reaching and keeping readers has proven to be nearly impossible.

Digital-only magazine launches rarely come from traditional print publishers. There have been exceptions

Trade Magazine Publishers Struggle to Keep Titles Alive in Tough Publishing Environment
January 13, 2015

The trade publishing industry is still searching for the end of a long decline in ad pages, many dramatically shifting away from publishing to events and data products. According to industry sources, ad page revenue by mid-year last year stood at less than one-third the level it recorded a decade earlier.

The result is that many publishers are finally throwing in the towel on some of their titles. Last week Folio: reported that Investcorp owned B2B Randall-Reilly would be shuttering bothBetter Roads magazine and Total Landscape Care. Both titles had resigned their BPA audits last year.

Leading Transformation by Easing Resistance to Change
December 18, 2014

Whether the change at hand is large or small, or whether it's personal, about your team, or system wide, the fundamentals of doing it well or doing it badly are the same. Making and leading change gracefully will help you achieve the results you want. Making and leading change badly will usually result in failure.

With McGraw-Hill Construction Being Auctioned, Will ENR’s 100 Year+ History of Publishing Be in Jeopardy?
August 18, 2014

With the sale of Cygnus Business Media's heavy contraction group, the construction industry sees yet another of its big trade publications change hands. The next shoe to drop will be Engineering News-Record, the iconic weekly magazine that can trace its history back to 1874.

The construction industry, from the perspective of B2B publishers, can be broken out into many different categories: construction equipment, housing, architecture, engineering, as well as other segments like commercial construction and such.

McGraw-Hill Financial Releases Digital Edition for Engineering News-Record
March 24, 2014

The B2B magazine Engineering News-Record launched its first digital editions last month using the Mag+ platform, ENR Digital Edition - previously only a mobile news app was available. ENR is such a respected and historic title, that were it not for the sad state of B2B publishing, the news of the launch would have been as big as the launch of the first Wired or TIME magazine apps back in 2010.

News Corp's $540 Million Bet on American Classrooms
August 29, 2013

In the middle of Brooklyn's high-end Dumbo neighborhood, 20 inner-city children sit around two wooden tables at what appears to be a small summer camp. Tablet computers are scattered across the tables, punctuated by plates of corn chips and bowls of salsa. The kids are restless on this sweltering July afternoon, fidgeting in their chairs and asking the handful of twenty-somethings if they can play Temple Run or maybe just head home for the day.

Why few in B2B feel sad at the loss of their trade associations or industry publications
April 22, 2013

There was once time when the B2B media industry was all about serving readers and selling advertisers. It was a simple game: give away the magazine to industry pros and sell those that want to profit from reaching those in it. I know, I was in that industry for almost two decades (and I consider TNM strictly B2B).

Today, it is not only the B2B industry, but the media part of it in particular, that now has it backwards. Selling ads to vendors is taking a back seat to selling the readers themselves – events, seminars, webinars, almost anything

With the rise of tablet editions it is time for publishers to reinvent the 'back of the book'
February 12, 2013

As a magazine publisher who previously had been in the newspaper business, one of the first things I thought about when designing my first magazine launch (at McGraw-Hill) was what the back of the book should look like. While the editors and designers fretted over the feature layouts, and most of the ad team worked with their clients to secure full page ads, I worked with our classified sales person discussing opportunities for small ads placed in the back. Should we have lots of one-inch ads? directories? recruitment advertising? what will work best for the new magazine?

2012 M&A Market Shows Dramatic Increase in Number and Value of Deals
January 7, 2013

Burgeoning innovation, rising corporate investment and a year-end rush to beat the tax man drove robust mergers and acquisitions in 2012 for the media, information, marketing and technology sectors. M&A surged to 1,351 transactions for the year, or 50% more than in 2011, at a total value of nearly $75 billion, according to The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc.

Time Magazine’s Last Chapter
June 1, 2012

Time magazine, the last of the large weekly news and business publications, will not last in its current form for more than another year or so. A growing mountain of evidence shows Time will have to cut its publication frequency, lower its subscription base or migrate almost entirely to the Internet.

Time is the last of the weeklies that were among the most prominent magazines from World War II through the 1990s.