McMurry’s Secret
October 1, 2007

Seven years ago, CEO Chris McMurry began offering an anonymous online survey to the employees of his Phoenix-based custom publishing firm, McMurry Inc. The questions on what now is known as “The Best/Worst Survey” are simple: What are the three things you like most about the company, and what are the three things you like least about it? The things that survey respondents like stay in place. For what they don’t like, the employees are asked to offer suggestions on how to fix them. They also have to provide the pros and cons of the proposed solution. “We wanted to know what was on

A Closer Look at the Top Companies
October 1, 2007

Most of us have worked for a company that, as one respondent to Publishing Executive’s “Best Magazine Publishing Companies to Work For” study put it, “is a god-awful place to work.” If you haven’t, you can count yourself among the lucky few. Sometimes the cause is simple: Some companies just don’t know how to treat employees. But especially today, when “do more with less” is the edict of virtually all publishing departments, burnout and feelings of under-appreciation are rampant. In companies that don’t make their employees’ happiness a priority, these feelings can spread like a plague. The companies that ranked in the top 20

When Will The Custom Publishing Bubble Burst?
September 1, 2006

Custom publishing has been booming in recent years. So when will the bubble burst? Or will it? According to the Custom Publishing Council (CPC), if consistent research and years of relative statistics are any indication, the industry will continue climbing. To remain at the top of its game, however, custom publishing, like any industry, will have to forge the trends, rather than simply witness their emergence. The Move Toward “Custom Content” One reason for steady growth is the fact that the custom publishing industry comprises more than just print media. “Custom publishing has evolved into an umbrella industry encompassing custom content as a whole, across several

25 Tips for Building Your Custom Publishing Business
December 1, 2005

The custom publishing industry continues to thrive. A new study shows that custom publishing spending grew again in 2004 to an all-time high of $953,748 per company, representing an 18-percent increase over last year, as well as the most significant jump in five years. The study also showed that more than 54 percent of custom publishing is being outsourced either to a custom publisher, an ad agency, a design firm or a PR firm. The study was conducted by Publications Management in conjunction with the Custom Publishing Council (CPC), the leading professional association for custom publishers in North America, representing 70 of the

Best in Custom Publishing Recognized at Pearl Awards
November 1, 2005

New York, NY -- November 28, 2005 -- Eighty-eight awards were presented in 30 categories at the second annual Pearl Awards, hosted by the Custom Publishing Council (CPC), at the University Club in New York City. Hosted A team of 30 judges poured over 357 entries to identify publications demonstrating the best in strategy, design and editorial. Applicants submitted entries in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors, as well as by circulation size, and were awarded gold, silver and bronze awards.   The 2005 Pearl Award winners were: *(denotes number of awards received) The Magazine Group WebMD the Magazine (6) Biz Tech for

Customized for Quality
September 1, 1999

McMurry Publishing is tailoring its workflow for CTP production of finely crafted syndicated magazines and custom publications While McMurry Publishing displays remarkable flexibility and resiliency when taking on new projects—and as it adapts its production workflow accordingly—the Phoenix-based custom publisher is constant and uncompromising with regard to its quality standards. "Quality is one of our hallmarks," emphasizes Preston V. McMurry Jr., the company's president and chairman. "The people at McMurry will never hear me say that we're spending too much; however, they have heard me say that (something we're working on) looks like crap and that I won't attach my name to