Mediamark Research Inc.

All Charged Up and Ready to Grow (More)
February 1, 2010

Back in the 1990s, before blogs, Twitter and a host of upstart Web sites transformed online debate into a raucous convention anyone could gate crash, David G. Bradley decided to build a media company around the "influentials" market. The guiding notion was that opinion leaders—people who formulate, shape and promulgate important ideas—rather than gatekeepers or copyright owners, were the true heirs to the digital kingdom, and that a lucrative consumer market could be constituted by those charged with putting good ideas into action.

What Exactly is 'Publisher's Own Data?'
January 22, 2010

Anyone who uses products like Alexa, or Quantcast for anything but a way to compare one Web site against a competitor has little or no place in this business.

BusinessWeek Combines Print and Digital Operations, Lays Off ‘Small Number’ of Staffers
December 14, 2007

BusinessWeek, which recently completed a major redesign and overhaul of its print product, announced a “reorganization” of its editorial staff this week, combining its print and online staff into a single operation. The move was publicized in an internal memo from BusinessWeek Editor Stephen Adler and includes what he referred to in that memo as a “small number” of layoffs. “These reductions are the result of BusinessWeek successfully completing the integration of its print and digital operations. The new structure will enable BusinessWeek staff to collaborate more effectively, take greater advantage of the staff’s abilities and better serve our combined print and online audience,”

Magazine Accountability at Long Last
August 1, 2005

There was a news report recently released by Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) that announced the company's plans to begin testing a promising new technology that can literally print interactive microchips on any printed page. That technology (RFID) is already widely used in a variety of other everyday applications. Using a process originally developed by the MIT Media Laboratory, MRI will begin testing whether RFID tags printed onto magazine pages can be used for magazine-audience measurement. That is an event of which the publishing business in the 21st century is sorely in need. For several years, we have suffered from a condition that I call