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Workforce Management Magazine Gets a Face-Lift
August 9, 2013

Workforce Management, the business magazine serving the needs of human resources professionals since 1922, will undergo a major redesign with its September issue, according to executives at MediaTec Publishing, who acquired the publication in January.

Special Report: Media M&A on the rebound
February 14, 2013

he b-to-b media industry has seen a recent surge in M&A deals, capping a year in which the sector showed signs of renewed strength. In just the first week of the new year, publishers announced these deals:

  • Farm Journal Media acquired a majority stake in Commodity Update, a mobile media company serving the agriculture industry.
  • Hanley Wood acquired Metrostudy, a provider of research, data, analytics and consulting services to the housing industry.
  • MediaTec Publishing acquired Workforce Management from Crain Communications Inc.
  • Nielsen Holdings acquired the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show and the Tailgating Industry Association.

MediaTec Publishing Plans Launch of Diversity Executive
April 18, 2008

MediaTec Publishing, a Chicago-based business-to-business publisher of workforce-development magazines, announced this week plans for a September launch of Diversity Executive magazine. The new publication will reach 25,000 C-level executives, senior human resources management, corporate training executives, representatives of community organizations and federal and state government officials. The magazine will aim to help its readers “create a more inclusive business culture and help leaders leverage diversity for maximum organizational gain,” says Norm Kamikow, president and editor in chief of MediaTec Publishing. “More and more organizations are realizing the power of diversity and inclusion as core business strategies. No longer is it enough to build awareness

Webinars: Gaining Traction With Your Advertisers and Your Audience
March 1, 2008

Bringing together hundreds or even thousands of people with the click of a mouse, webinars have emerged as a mainstay on the publishing landscape. With their inherent ability to deliver strong content to a digital audience in a digestible and well-received format, webinars are proving their worth as a strong and steady revenue stream for many publishers. Originally begun as experiments for a few publications, webinars are now spreading through the business-to-business world like wildfire, and are fast becoming critical elements of publishing operations. Web-based Seminars Provide New Revenue Streams As they move further into the digital world, more magazine publishers are discovering that

How to Plan, Produce and Profit From Webcasts
September 1, 2006

Before delving into the world of webcasts or, shall we say, webinars, it seems pertinent to explain the differences between the two. There aren’t any. “The only differences that exist are mere fabrications lying within the minds of individuals who have ideas about what webcasts or webinars are,” says Richard Rist, founder and CEO, Intellor Group—a multimedia company in Gaithersburg, Md., that specializes in webinars. “The confusion is the result of different terms coined for the same technology, which were originated by large software companies.” Though it is true many consider webcasting to be more video-based and webinars more PowerPoint-based—often lumped under