The Next Step
November 30, 2001

As more publishing and printing houses move to digital computer-to-plate (CTP) technologies, the production of books, magazines, newspapers and other printed material appears to be entering a new era characterized by increased speed and reliability. Still, any process is only as efficient as its weakest link, and the most state-of-the-art train is not going to get to its destination any faster if it's still being pulled by a steam engine. For this reason, a small group of software developers is scrambling to deliver new solutions this year to help publishing companies take advantage of the latest in digital innovation by further automating the workflow

Just the Ticket
June 1, 2000

MetaCommunications' Virtual Ticket helps NCL Graphics do away with paper-based job tickets. NCL Graphics has been operating from Elk Grove, IL, for 30 years. Fortunately, for this high-end color separator and catalog page assembler, its job just got easier. Producing more than 150 jobs each week and operating three shifts, six days a week requires extensive management and perfected planning. Frank Miceli, a technical specialist with NCL's production department, attributes the company's success to Virtual Ticket, a job management software program developed by MetaCommunications, Iowa City, IA. "What we do with Virtual Ticket," Miceli explains, "is we use it to eliminate a lot of