You Don't Have to Be a Villain to Say Flash Must Die
July 15, 2015

I won't pretend to be Steve Jobs-I don't even own a mock turtleneck-but I have to repeat his words from April 2010: "Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of web content." Flash is a constantly exploited, superannuated bit of technology that useful in the early days of multimedia in web browsers, and now deserves to die.

When Jobs wrote "Thoughts on Flash" over five years ago, it was in response to the notion that Flash should be available on iOS.

Bing, Google, Publishers Lose Billions Of Dollars From Blocked Ads
June 10, 2015

Ad blocking remains a controversial topic. Based on a variety of data, one company attempts to estimate the financial loss to Google. Of the estimated $41 billion in revenue Google reported in 2014, PageFair estimates that $17.6 billion came from the U.S. Some $1.9 billion represents the estimated U.S. revenue available to Google on that the company did not generate as a result of the 10% of visitors having ad-blocking technology installed in their browser.

Google recovered about $942 million -- a portion of the $1.9 billion in the U.S -- by being white listed

Why Re/code Really Sold to Vox
June 1, 2015

Last week, Jim Bankoff's Vox Media acquired an 18-month-old tech publication, Re/code.

Re/code was founded by highly respected tech journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in early 2014. They had launched the AllThingsD tech news website and related D conferences for News Corp, and they essentially took that business with them.

When starting Re/code, Swisher and Mossberg raised $10 million at a ~$28 million valuation from NBCUniversal and Windsor Media. A source who has viewed the startup's financials says Re/code was projected to generate $12 million this year, up from $10 million last year.

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Ad Blocking Software Has Figured Out Native Content, Threatening The New Media Economy
May 26, 2015

In the coming weeks, a large analytic firm will release disturbing figures on the state of the ad blocking scene. According to someone who has advanced knowledge of the data on desktop computers and critical segments of the digital audience, the use of ad blocking is rising exponentially.

Along with The Netherlands, the German market is by far the most affected one by the ad blocking phenomenon. There, ad block use approaches 40% of the internet population. The reasons for the epidemic are unclear, but two elements are likely to play a role.

First Look: Adobe Slate, a New App for Creating on iPad
April 6, 2015

Slate, which launches today on iPad, is a follow-up to last year's Adobe Voice app, which made animated videos on iPad. Slate is structurally similar to Voice. It allows users to pull in photos from different cloud services and offers predesigned "themes" to choose from.

But rather than making animated videos, Slate uses a combination of your still photos and original text to create things like photo essays, newsletters, educational projects and digital invitations.

Buyer's Guide 2015: Webinar & Video Solutions
April 1, 2015

There are a variety of web conferencing tools available today, including one-on-one meetings, webcasts, and webinars. This listing focuses on the latter service—webinar platforms—which have improved significantly in recent years. Most webinar solutions today provide real-time audio and text messaging services, video streaming, live quizzes and surveys, and interactive presentations. Kicks Its Digital Analytics Toolkit Up a Gear
January 29, 2015, one of the major players in the growing business of sophisticated measurement of digital audiences, is out with a new suite of services this morning.

"The conversation around what success means and how we measure it" continues to develop, CEO Sachin Kamdar told me in a phone interview. Eleven new metrics, like "breakout of traffic recirculation" aim to give publishers a range of tools they can match with differing objectives, he said.

Flurry Analytics Says Mobile App Usage Grew by 76% in 2014
January 6, 2015

The Yahoo unit Flurry Analytics today reported that mobile app usage grew by 76 percent in 2014, led by Shopping, Utilities & Productivity, and Messaging apps.

"As our mobile devices become more and more a part of our everyday lives, we are increasingly using them for always-on shopping, working, and communication," said Simon Khalaf, president and CEO of Flurry. "Where years past have seen massive growth in games and entertainment, 2014 was the year apps got down to serious business."

All TNM wants for Christmas is…
December 23, 2014

Publishers could use a few gifts from Santa this year, so here is the list I made up. I recommend coming up with one of your own and getting the letter in the mail fast!

The list of what TNM would like for Christmas this year is still quite long, and since I doubt Apple or any other company will fill my requests, I have decided to write Santa in hopes that he can come through.