Demystifying the Database Project
September 1, 1999

Databases Help Publishers Get a Grip on Content. Two years ago, Joi Davidson moved into the position of production coordinator for the Chief Executives Organization's (CEO), Bethesda, MD, annual membership directory. She inherited a database publishing legacy; but with the current pace of technology upgrades, a legacy is not always a blessing. During the year-long process of producing the directory—which includes images and contact information for 1,800 members—the association realized its need to make some changes to the system. The first to go was the database application. The association took advantage of a geographic move to update the software to FileMakerPro from FileMaker,

Project Advantage Takes Shape
August 1, 1999

Trade publisher Cahners Business Information dives off a different platform with the adoption of Windows-based solutions. As of late, Y2K has given publishers a reason to take a hard look at their computer infrastructures, leading to system overhauls and an abundance of equipment buys. For trade publisher Cahners Business Information's Des Plaines, IL, office, Y2K had little to do with the publisher's recent conversion from a Mac-based to a Windows 95 and NT-driven workflow. Supporting this project fell upon the shoulders of Manny Dominguez, Cahner's editorial development and support team leader, who came to Cahners with more than 10 years of experience

Crossover Communications
May 1, 1999

Developers address publishers' needs for cross-platform workflow tools. Integration, not segregation, is being practiced in an increasingly multi-platform print production world. Your editorial crew, for example, may prefer to work on PC-based word-processing programs, while your creative staff members hold on tight to their beloved Macintosh workstations. Fortunately, there are a number of hardware and software solutions to facilitate communication between multiple platforms. Without them, the publishing world might be up the proverbial creek. Quite a predicament It's a bullish market for print buyers interested in analyzing operating systems. UNIX continues to be a popular solution for driving networks and Internet sites.

For the Birds and Cats and Dogs and Rabbits...
April 1, 1999

To stay true to its evolving mission,the ASPCA publications undergo a paradigm shift. Any association publications don't think big," notes Oriol Gutierrez, director of publications production services for the New York City-based American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). "They think of themselves as just association publications, ... that their role is to ... get the news out to their membership, and that's probably sufficient. "We'd like to have the look and feel of a consumer book (yet stay true to) our mission," he explains. Most association publications are membership-focused and concern-ed more with editorial content than overall design or

Keeping Tabs on Supply and Demand
June 1, 1998

Educational publisher Labyrinth Publications responds to its growing success with the implementation of new technologies and services. WHO HASN'T considered making a radical career change at some point in his or her life? But how many people have the guts to take the plunge? Brian Favro had what it takes: desire and determination. "I went through a career change in the early '90s and I decided to get into teaching computers," Favro recalls. "I found, however, that I wasn't very happy with the materials I was using in the classroom, so I started writing my own handouts." Thus marked the beginning of what is

Ready for Anything
February 1, 1998

Anticipating the Labor Day holiday weekend, Newsweek staffers hastened to wrap up production of the September 1, 1997, issue a day early. By Saturday night, August 30, the magazine was already on press and Newsweek's editorial, art and production personnel were out on the town, on vacation or tucked snugly in their beds (visions of barbecues and quality time with family and friends dancing in their heads). As the clock ticked its way into Sunday in New York City, however, the tragedy that would shock the world proved an especially rude awakening for the newsweekly's staff and publishing partners. News of Diana's death broke

Bridging the Gap
February 1, 1998

International publishing poses obstacles for U.S. magazine publishers, but none that can't be handled with a little logistical planning. IF YOU STOP and think about it, global publishing may seem like a massive undertaking. If that's truly the case, why do so many U.S. publishers venture overseas to explore business opportunities? Do the benefits justify the journey? The answer, according to several industry representatives, is a collective 'yes'. To produce or not to produce … El Hospital, a bi-monthly magazine published by Salud Publi-cations International, Cincinnati, has built an audience of 16,000 Latin American readers since 1944. El Hospital is produced in