Advertisers to Get a Glimpse of Apple Watch Promise, Challenge
January 7, 2015

Apple's forthcoming smartwatch poses a conundrum for advertisers: How to tap the enticing possibilities of the tiny gadget without overwhelming consumers with messages.

At this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, mobile-marketing firm TapSense plans to release an Apple Watch ad-buying service. The service will provide a first glimpse of how businesses can serve up ads on the watch, even though the gadget will not be available until later this year.

Meredith Signs Kimberly-Clark For New ROI Guarantee Program
November 30, 2011

After a test period that began earlier this year, Meredith Corp. is unveiling the first major advertising client for its “Engagement Dividend” program -- a pioneering new service created by the women-targeted publisher that guarantees that print advertising in its magazines will result in a certain amount of sales lift.

Consumer packaged goods giant Kimberly-Clark, which owns brands including Kleenex, Huggies and Cottonelle, will be the “premiere advertising partner” for Engagement Dividend when it debuts early next year.