Way 2B
September 1, 2013

The darlings of the publishing world will always be the consumer magazines. But toiling in the shadows are smart teams of editors, marketers and publishers who are thriving, innovating and making money. 

11 Tips to Successfully Balance a Print and Digital Portfolio
December 1, 2008

In an economic climate in which every resource must be maximized, magazine publishers continue to look for cost-effective ways to create and maintain portfolios of both print and digital products. And, as demand increases for digital products and publishers focus more heavily on interactive offerings such as digital editions, e-newsletters, webinars and social media-rich Web sites, balancing the resources—money, time, materials and staff—needed to maintain a myriad of products can be challenging. Experienced publishers shared with Publishing Executive the following tips on how to successfully manage a portfolio of both print and digital components, without sacrificing the quality and viability of each individual product.