Are Printed Magazines Growing or Shrinking? Yes
March 28, 2014

Magazine advertising gains market share in the U.S., but the actual number of magazine copies is declining faster than ever: What in this crazy multimedia world is going on?

Two statistics released this week underscore a counter-intuitive trend: U.S. publishers seem to be prospering despite printing fewer copies of actual magazines.

A Renaissance for Print, Or Is Flat Just the New "Up"?
March 13, 2014

We were told for so long about the imminent, inevitable withering of print media that we tend to mistake any signs of life -- or digital hiccups -- as The Second Coming of Print Media.

After all, printed publications aren't exactly going gangbusters, nor is the commercial printing industry. More physical bookstores are closing than opening, retail distribution of magazines is collapsing, and don't even get me started on delivery of subscription magazines by the U.S. Postal Service. Print has been going down so long that "flat" looks like "up."

Time Mag Rolls Out Web Redesign as Newsweek Returns to Print
March 6, 2014

Time magazine began rolling out a redesign of its web and mobile sites Wednesday night in a bid to start punching in the same digital weight class as CNN, The Huffington Post and The New York Times.

The new site will introduce large native ad units that unfurl as readers scroll among editorial stories. Some traditional display units are also getting a refresh, with ads for Citi pulling elements from a smaller display unit on the left side to a large box in the middle of the page.

The Newsonomics of Newsweek’s Pricey Relaunch
March 5, 2014

The newest Newsweek strategy is both old-fashioned and radical. It's old-fashioned in the sense that it is reviving a ghost print brand with printing presses on two continents. It's radical in its pricing. Even the high-flying, high-quality weekly New Yorker only charges about $79 a year, while Time goes for $30 and The (monthly) Atlantic for about $25. Newsweek is going way beyond those prices.

Tiny Digital Publisher to Put Newsweek Back in Print
March 3, 2014

The Graham family, longtime newspaper publishers, gave up and sold it for a dollar. The media mogul Barry Diller spent tens of millions trying to revive it, only to throw in the towel. Even Mr. Diller's star editor, Tina Brown, could not stop it from going out of print.

But where giants failed, IBT Media, a small digital publishing company, sees a growth path for Newsweek, the struggling newsweekly magazine it bought for a pittance last summer.

Adobe Combines Digital Publishing Suite, Experience Manager
February 27, 2014

The technical side of publishing digital magazines and their associated Web sites and apps is getting a little easier courtesy of Adobe, which is combining Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to allow publishers to more easily manage design, format and other creative assets across different channels, including desktop, smartphones and tablets.
Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe's Web content management platform, offers Web designers a central repository of creative assets including text, video and audio, along with tools for customer acquisition via the Web,

The Return of Newsweek
February 26, 2014

On March 7, one year and two months from the publication of what was to be its final print issue, copies of Newsweek will once again hit newsstands. There will just be a lot fewer of them—several hundred thousand in the U.S. and abroad. For some context, at the end of 2012, right before editor Tina Brown and IAC chairman Barry Diller turned the iconic but money-bleeding newsweekly into a digital-only proposition, its print circulation was a little under 1.5 million.

Richard Just, New National Journal Editor, Plans To 'Reinvent' Magazine
February 25, 2014

Richard Just, the former top editor of The New Republic and Newsweek, has been named editor of National Journal. Just will oversee the print magazine and report to Editor-in-Chief Tim Grieve.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Just said he plans to bring "compelling," "moving," and "funny" writing to the pages of National Journal, a magazine more traditionally associated with wonky politics and policy.

The Newsonomics of Forbes’ Real Performance and Price Potential
January 17, 2014

Financial documents being shown to potential buyers raise questions about its future growth. Has Forbes peaked? And can it justify the high price it's seeking?

The bidding for Forbes is now moving into round two, with a sale expected within a month. A surprising set of largely non-U.S. buyers is flipping through the pages of a memorandum prepared by Deutsche Bank, which Forbes has tasked with shopping the property. A careful reading of that 62-page confidential document reveals a lot about the company's much-heralded forays into new businesses.

Capital New York to Introduce Monthly Print Magazine
January 16, 2014

Capital New York, the Politico sibling that covers politics and media in New York, is rolling out a small monthly print magazine starting this month, according to parent company Allbritton Communications.

The first issue, due out Jan. 27, will have a run of about 8,000 copies, the company said, with plans to distribute about 6,000 copies in Manhattan and 2,000 in Albany. Copies will be delivered to the state capitol building in Albany, City Hall in Manhattan and key individuals in the industries Capital New York covers