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Buyer's Guide 2015: Digital Magazine & App Technology
April 1, 2015

Publishers have been publishing web content and digital magazines of some sort for over a decade now. What's new, and often challenging for publishers to integrate into their production cycles, is creating web- and mobile- optimized content for a growing variety of platforms.

Can Digital Editions Be Sexy?
July 1, 2011

15 great 
strategies for increasing sexiness (OK, appeal), engaging the audience, driving ad revenue, tapping multiple versions and more!

Nxtbook Media Announces Launch of Digital Magazine Newsstand
June 10, 2008

Located at http://www.nxtstand.com , the digital newsstand is designed to drive subscription requests directly back to the publishers’ website, a key differentiator from sites offered by other companies. “We believe we’re in the business of helping publishers build readership for their benefit, not ours’. Period,” says Michael Biggerstaff, Nxtbook Media CEO. “This means we’re not interested in collecting e-mail addresses and selling competitive products to your readers. We want people to come to the Nxtstand, find what they’re looking for and immediately go to that publishers’ website.” To enable a rapid and effective user experience, the Nxtstand allows readers to search by magazine

Digital Editions’ Growth Spurt
June 1, 2008

This spring, Barnes & Noble announced that it would offer both print publications and digital editions of more than 1,000 magazine titles to visitors of BN.com. The e-editions will be fulfilled by Barnes & Noble partner Zinio. Indeed, it’s just one more indication that, despite some debate on their future, digital editions are becoming a viable alternative to print for a growing number of readers. Cambridge, Mass.-based The Gilbane Group recently published a study, “Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions: Growth, Trends, and Best Practices,” showing that the number of business-to-business publications offering digital editions increased by more than 300 percent in a two-year span

From the Editor
April 1, 2008

In her book “Basic Black,” Cathie Black (president of Hearst Magazines) relates a number of stories about Al Neuharth, the founder of USA Today, where Black was formerly president. She cites him as saying something like, “The press is the only species besides rats that likes to eat its young.” The quote struck me square between the eyes. I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Neuharth, and even tack on another phrase to his comment, that the media also eats its old and its middle-aged. For the past few years, it seems that much of the industry—not all, but much—has watched smugly whenever a