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Log In, Find Out
August 17, 2001

Frequently at PrintMedia InBox, the editors receive requests from interested readers about where to find information about such issues ranging from color control to advertising formats and printing standards. And while a gret resource is logging onto PrintMedia magazine's Web site archive at to search for articles, there are organizations that we work with that also provide great online and one-to-one resources. To save you the time of searching, the following is a list of contacts to consult. Don't forget to bookmark this page: American Association of Advertising (212) 682-2500 American Business Media (212) 661-6360 American Institute of Graphic Arts (212)

Operation Association
February 9, 2001

For publishers, one of the most effective ways to secure up-to-the-minute information on technology and industry news, is by networking. Industry associations and trade events prove valuable links to not only build professional peer relationships, but also standardize the way in which publishers work today. Since time is usually at a premium for those of us in the publishing world—whether it's time spent searching for the most appropriate group to join or time used to satisfy membership requirements once enrolled—the following is a ready-made list of organizations catering to publishing professionals: American Association of Advertising American Business Media American Institute of Graphic Arts American