Mobile Data Use Surging, but Tablets Largely a Wi-Fi-Only Affair
March 20, 2012

Even when tablet buyers opt for a device with the ability to use a cellular network, most are opting to use the device only on Wi-Fi.

In a report released on Monday, analyst Chetan Sharma said that 90 percent of tablets are using Wi-Fi, even though some of those are capable of using a cellular connection. As a result, carriers are a less important factor when it comes to tablet sales.

One key reason is that U.S. carriers don’t allow users to share a data plan with other devices

Wall Street Journal Launches Video Channel for YouTube, Lifestyle Show
February 2, 2012

The Wall Street Journal today launched a dedicated channel for YouTube, featuring on-demand content from the Journal's growing stable of video programming. In conjunction with the launch, the channel will showcase "Off Duty," a daily lifestyle show debuting today based on the eponymous section of WSJ Weekend, the Journal's Saturday paper.