Pearson Company

Under Cover
April 20, 2001

On April 11, 2001, the 15th Annual New York Book Show, sponsored by the Bookbinders Guild of New York, was held in New York City at the 200 Club. According to Bookbinders Guild President Tracy Cabanis, the show was "as brilliant as always." Cabanis reports that 135 from more than 1,000 entries were chosen as winners of this year's competition for design, production and materials. She says, more than 800 publishers and suppliers attend the show annually. This year's Best-of-Show winners include: CHILDREN'S TRADE-PICTURE BOOKS, FICTION-BOOK First Place: Olivia, Atheneum/Anne Schwartz Books Second Place: Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A Tale

Think Global, Act Local
October 1, 2000

The more things change, the more Richard "Dick" Koplitz remains the same. He has worked for several high-profile companies, switched industries mid-career and experienced first-hand the effect of consolidation on the book publishing world. Yet, regardless of the setting, he goes about his business— negotiating procurement contracts, that is—in an equally efficient and effective manner. Colleagues and suppliers de-scribe him as tough, but fair. He's respected for his honesty, business acumen and straight-shooting style —as well as for always acting in his employer's best interests. Now, as senior vice president of global sourcing for Pearson Inc., Koplitz continues to demonstrate the art of