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Elaine Fry: A Fortuitous Path to Forbes
October 1, 2006

Some people, in their lifetimes, may stumble upon a dollar bill on the sidewalk or upon a stray cat, or they may even accidentally stumble upon a new idea. But Elaine Fry stumbled upon a career that has led her to positions at some of the world’s most prominent publishing companies, such as Billboard, Ziff Davis Media, Penthouse, Time Inc., and eventually to Forbes Inc., where she currently is group director of manufacturing and production, a position she has held for six years. Her career achievements and her involvement in industry initiatives, such as those undertaken by Specifications Web Offset Publications (SWOP), have earned

Execs from Crain, Forbes, Leo Burnett and Merriam-Webster to Be Inducted Into Hall of Fame
August 4, 2006

Production and manufacturing professionals are often the unsung heroes behind print products, working hard behind the scenes to ensure deadlines and quality requirements are met and costs are minimized, and that’s just the tip of the behemoth production iceberg. Once a year, however, several of the publishing industry’s most accomplished executives get the spotlight cast upon them as they are inducted into the Publishing Executive Hall of Fame (formerly the PrintMedia Hall of Fame), a 19-year-old tradition of recognizing leadership in the production of magazines, books and advertising. This year, those being awarded for achievements in their careers and contributions to the publishing industry are: -

The Curious Kind
October 1, 2005

Dora Braschi Cardinale credits curiosity, optimism and an appreciation for the creative process with driving her charmed life in publishing. The publisher-printer relationship is often called "a partnership." But it was in 1980 when Dora Braschi entered into a different kind of publisher-printer partnership, thanks to a moment in time when the worlds of printing and publishing collided. She met her husband of 21 years, Ernest V. Cardinale. Early in her career, she joined a local graphic arts society and took one of the group's educational tours around Manhattan for visits with graphic arts businesses. "One of the places we visited was Quality Photo