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Infinity & Beyond: Magazines Expand Their Brands
July 1, 2013

While the E vs. P debate rages on (often in these very pages!), we know there's more to a magazine than what's contained in its pages, be they inked or digitized. The brand is the thing, and defining, building and expanding a magazine's brand is now the crucial task of publishers everywhere. Last month Harper's Bazaar's VP/publisher Carol Smith talked to Publishing Executive about her magazine's move into e-commerce.  This month Elisa Ludwig explores some other magazine moves into supplementary media.

A Newspaper's Decline, Writ Large
April 23, 2013

A photo essay by photographer Will Steacy chronicling the decline of the Philadelphia Inquirer's newsroom has gotten a lot of attention in the last week, with articles in Paid Content and Wired. The pictures focus on individual employees and workspaces in the last days of the paper's residence

Remembering the Role of Newspapers on a Dark Day
September 11, 2012

One of my enduring memories of Sept. 11, 2001 is witnessing a crowd of people gathered around a newsstand in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. They were there because The Philadelphia Inquirer, along with many other newspapers around the country, had put out a special afternoon edition to cover the immediate aftermath and local impact of the terrorist attacks.

Why Rich People Are Investing in Newspapers (And Magazines), Again
May 22, 2012

In March, Chris Hughes paid around $5 million for a majority share of The New Republic. On Sunday The New York Times reported he’d be doubling the magazine’s staff and hiring former editor Franklin Foer to edit the magazine once again. Also last week, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway purchased most of Media General’s newspaper holdings. Both moves — which amplify the recent drumbeat of wealthy people taking ownership stakes in newspapers in Philadelphia and Maine

New PressReader App Brings High-Resolution Newspaper and Magazine Reading Experience To Android Tablets
April 27, 2012

CNewspaperDirect has released a major update of PressReader, one of the most popular apps for Android devices. PressReader for Android delivers a highly engaging reading experience of more than 2,000 titles—the world’s widest selection of news media—on Android handsets and tablets. And, unlike other news aggregation apps, which provide just snippets of articles from around the Web, PressReader presents entire publication editions in super-high resolution, just as they were originally printed.

Cash-strapped Forbes Looks to Re-fi $50M Loan
March 7, 2012

Forbes Media, which went through a default and a jarring restructuring in 2009-10, is in the hunt to refinance a $50 million loan coming due in July.

None of the half-dozen banks that handled the restructuring want to be involved again, sources said.

The current refinancing is said to be shepherded by the PrinceRidge Group, a midsize New York investment bank.

In a 2006 deal, Elevation Partners, headed by U2 frontman Bono and Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee, took a 45 percent stake in the company — and clearly the investment has not panned out the way investors had hoped.

Philly Papers to Sell Android Tablets
July 11, 2011

Publishers, desperate to prop up their legacy print business, have been scrambling to put their content on tablet devices. Now the Philadelphia Inquirer and its sibling Philadelphia Daily News are making what may be the boldest tablet push yet.

On July 11, the two papers plan to announce a pilot program under which they will sell Android tablets with their content already built in at a discount. Icons on the tablets' home screen will take users to digital replicas of both newspapers as well as a separate Inquirer app and, the papers' online hub.

My View on Snoozepapers... I Mean Newspapers
June 8, 2007

From the time I was a teenager and all the way through college, I wanted to work for a newspaper -- first the Daily Local News (aka the “Daily Joke of News”), my local suburban Philadelphia paper, and then The Philadelphia Inquirer. As a journalism major, I figured this was the natural progression toward a successful career. I was able to accomplish both, as a correspondent for the Daily Local and then as a publisher for an Inquirer technology magazine.

My opinions on newspapers are all over the place. I always hated getting newsprint ink eveywhere so now they are pretty much banned from my