Publishing Business Conference & Expo

What We Have Here is a World of Opportunity
March 26, 2012

Last week I attended one of my favorite shows: the Publishing Business Conference & Expo in NYC. This year’s theme was “Cashing in with Cross-Media Content,” and no matter what part of the industry you identify with, the information was relevant and thought provoking. The Conference proper took place the first two days, followed by a half-day TH(ink) E-Reading Summit. Though these events cater to book and magazine executives, much of what I heard applied to those of us working in or with commercial print and e-media. We are all in the communications business.

How to Use Social Media Successfully in Your Audience Development Efforts
February 16, 2012

You've established a social media foundation through brand and staff profiles, share buttons and coordinated outreach and promotion. Now you need to take your efforts to the next level. Adam Sherk, vice president of SEO and Social Media, for Define Media Group—an audience development consulting firm, specializing in enterprise Search Engine Optimization, Investment Advisory Services and Social Media consulting—is moderating a session called "How to Use Social Media to Boost Traffic, Build/Engage Your Audience and Gain Leads" at the 2012 Publishing Business Conference & Expo, March 19-21, in NYC, that will help you do just that.

The Real Story About Print Sales at Retail
January 1, 2012

In a frenzied, media-rich world, it becomes very easy to embrace each new content-delivery system as though it will become the next, and only, big thing. Massive investments? Of course. Proven results? Not so sure. Strong revenue streams? Not yet. Paywalls rather than free content? Still hoping.

Want to Charge for Digital Content?
November 1, 2010

How can newspaper and magazine publishers expect their readers, who have enjoyed free online content over the past 10 years, to suddenly and willingly pay for the same content?

Steve Forbes Sees Publishing's Future in Audience Segmentation
March 8, 2010

Are we doomed? David Granger, editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine and provocateur at the Publishing Business Conference and Expo's Monday Keynote Q&A, asked that question a dozen ways about everything from the publishing industry to America itself. Steve Forbes's answers never swayed: "If we can just get a benign [economic] environment, these things [innovative entrepreneurs, business practices, technologies, etc.] will come popping up" and be successful.

Digital Publishing's Future is Mobile
August 31, 2009

Mobile will be key to the growth of search, video and social media on the Web, not thin, plastic, flexible transistors with polymer LEDs (aka "e-paper") or the latest Kindle.