Quebecor World

Quebecor World Plans to Rebrand Under New Name
April 11, 2008

Perhaps in response to its perceived image problem, Quebecor World is planning a company name change, Publishing Executive Inbox has learned. A spokesperson for the company would neither confirm nor deny this report. An industry source has informed Inbox that the company will indeed make a change to its brand at some point in the near future. Some speculate that Quebecor World may be under pressure from its parent company, Quebecor Inc., to make the change. “This issue was first raised when the company filed for Chapter 11 in January,” says Marilynn Jacobs, vice president of marketing for Quebecor World’s magazine division. “If and

A ‘Green’ Celebration
April 1, 2008

It may not be easy being “green,” but the companies that earned the 2nd Annual SustainPrint Leadership Awards sure do make it look so. Their achievements and leadership in environmental sustainability were recognized during a special celebration on Monday evening, March 10, in the Marquis Ballroom of the Marriott Marquis in New York’s Times Square, during the Publishing Business Conference & Expo. More than 200 publishing industry executives attended the reception. The awards—established in 2007 by (the Web site produced by Book Business and Publishing Executive magazines to cover environmental sustainability in printing and publishing)—recognize magazine- and book-publishing companies each year for

The State of the Printing Industry
April 1, 2008

ON DONNELLEY’S CHALLENGES … “RR Donnelley’s (RRD) biggest challenge right now is converting contracts from the customers they acquired from [the acquisitions of] Banta, Perry Judd’s and Von Hoffman. As those new customers’ contracts expire, RRD is not ‘renewing’ them, but converting them to RRD customers on RRD contracts. For the next two years, they’ll have hundreds of customers to convert. This is very difficult, because many of those customers didn’t choose RRD and now have to be resold.” ON QUEBECOR’S CHALLENGES … “Quebecor World’s biggest challenge right now, besides their reorganization, is the general perception of who they are in the industry. They’re

The Top 25 Magazine Printers
April 1, 2008

Highlighted by Quebecor World’s bankruptcy-protection filing, and rising postage and paper costs, the past year in the magazine printing market has seen a number of developments that continue to resonate throughout the industry. Doron Grosman, president of Quebecor World’s U.S. Magazine Division, called it a “perfect storm”—with printers and publishers challenged by ballooning postal rates, considerable pricing and supply issues in the paper market, and “market resistance to both circulation and advertising growth,” he says.

31 Tips for Offsetting Postal Rate Increases
December 1, 2007

In the aftermath of this year’s postal rate increases, publishers and vendors are coming up with fresh ideas and methodologies for cutting costs, spurred on by the postal service’s new emphasis on standardized shipping. Strategies vary based on print runs and distribution models; generally speaking, however, the USPS’s new rules tend to benefit publishers who work with printers to use co-palleting and co-mailing options, and have forced small-run publishers to seek partners or find other means to offset increasing expenses that can total in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Publishing Executive gathered 31 tips from those in the field to help

The Mailing Conundrum
October 1, 2007

If you publish and mail a magazine, you are already well aware of the impact of the latest postal hikes. The United States Postal Service’s (USPS) 2007 price hike significantly affected both Standard and Periodical rates. Initially, the USPS proposed a change that would increase Periodical rates by an estimated 11.4 percent. The USPS does offer discounts to publishers based on how well the publishers integrate into the USPS’s automated systems with presorting, palletization and other factors. However, publishers do not perform these services … printers do. On its Web site,, the USPS clearly states its intention to pass responsibility of automation onto

The 5 O'Clock Split
February 1, 2007

Tom Fogarty is celebrating his two-year anniversary this month as vice president of production for a sizable roster of Ascend Media’s business-to-business magazines and other publications. The company has production locations in Princeton and Califon, N.J., Deerfield, Ill., Overland Park, Kan., and Los Angeles, and Fogarty oversees a team of senior production leaders from those divisions. Before heading up production at Ascend, Fogarty, 45, worked as a sales service representative and then spent a 10-year-stint as the production manager of Interact Publishing’s Telephony Magazine. Fogarty chatted with Publishing Executive about his challenges and best strategies for heading up a fast-paced multititle production environment.

17 Tips for Publishing Better, Faster and Cheaper
December 1, 2006

Looking back, 2006 has been a relatively good year for many publishing companies. If you review the ongoing Publishers Information Bureau reports, it appears overall consumer-magazine ad revenue is up over previous years, and digital revenues continue to climb to help offset print losses of the last few years that for a number of business-to-business and consumer publications have yet to be recovered. Smart publishers, however, aren’t relying solely on revenue to drive profits. Rather, they’re continuing to focus on best practices in publishing processes and technological implementation to become more efficient and cut costs. Publishing Executive found leaders in the industry to share

Highlights for Children Celebrates Magazine’s 60th Year, 1 Billionth Copy
June 16, 2006

TEMECULA, Calif. -- The month of June marks two milestones for Highlights for Children Inc. The one-billionth copy of Highlights magazine was printed on Wednesday and the Columbus, Ohio-based children’s publication celebrates its 60th birthday this month. Generations of children have come to know Highlights for its “Hidden Pictures” and “Goofus and Gallant” features each month, with more than two million readers receiving the magazine these days through subscriptions, schools and libraries. Kent Johnson, CEO of Highlights for Children, says he attributes the magazine’s enduring success to an unchanging company-wide philosophy. “What has made Highlights popular over so many generations is our steadfast

ICC Elects New Chair, Vice-Chair and Steering Committee
March 1, 2006

Holds Japan Color Experts Day, applauds Microsoft support of ICC Profiles in WCS.   TOKYO -- The International Color Consortium (ICC) recently elected William Li, color systems engineer of Kodak Graphic Communications Group, as chair and Jack Holm, principal color scientist in Hewlett-Packard's office of strategy and technology as vice-chair. Phil Green of the London College of Communication will continue to serve as technical secretary and William K. "Kip" Smythe of NPES will continue as administrative secretary. A new steering committee took office at the meeting. The steering committee is comprised of representatives from the five founding members of the ICC: Agfa, Apple Computer,