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A Model Magazine
February 1, 2000

Everything you've always wanted to know about Cosmopolitan but were afraid to ask. 38 global editions. 100 countries. 24 languages. And that's just one magazine within Hearst Magazines' empire. According to the president of Hearst's international division, George Green, Cosmopolitan is the best-selling women's magazine, and Hearst was the first American company to publish outside U.S. borders. Those who have perused "Cosmo" understand that it's built a reputation on frank discussion of women's health and beauty issues, under the wings of such notable matriarchs as Helen Gurley Brown and, at present, Kate White, editor and chief. Since its founding, Cosmopolitan has gone

Customized for Quality
September 1, 1999

McMurry Publishing is tailoring its workflow for CTP production of finely crafted syndicated magazines and custom publications While McMurry Publishing displays remarkable flexibility and resiliency when taking on new projects—and as it adapts its production workflow accordingly—the Phoenix-based custom publisher is constant and uncompromising with regard to its quality standards. "Quality is one of our hallmarks," emphasizes Preston V. McMurry Jr., the company's president and chairman. "The people at McMurry will never hear me say that we're spending too much; however, they have heard me say that (something we're working on) looks like crap and that I won't attach my name to